1. What is CatJira?
  2. CatJira is a place for marketers and online media influencers to work together on producing quality sponsored content.

  3. How does CatJira benefit me?
  4. If you are looking for influencers to share your products and services. CatJira makes it easy for you to find, hire, collaborate and get reports from influencers.

  5. How does CatJira work?
    • CatJira provides recommendation and search tools for marketers to find influencers easily.
    • CatJira allows influencers to showcase their online media influence. This makes it easy for marketers to decide on hiring the right influencer.
    • CatJira also provides collaboration tools that makes it easy for marketers to hire and work with influencers on CatJira.
    • CatJira provides reporting tools so that marketers and influencers can measure the results of their collaboration.

  6. Is CatJira a talent agency/multi-channel network?
  7. We are glad to tell you that we are not. You own full rights to your channels and get to negotiate on the work arrangements with marketers.

  8. Why are the CatJira profiles public?
  9. Your CatJira profile is your portfolio as an influencer. Marketers make their campaign hiring decisions based on these information.

  10. What are the fees involved to begin using CatJira?
  11. CatJira's user account, launching campaigns, search feature and recommendation feature are free to use. Marketers will only need to consider fees when:

    • Marketers want to hire influencers but want a third party to secure payment. CatJira provides escrow services where we only release payments when work is done. CatJira charges a minimum of US$ 2 or a 15% service fee, whichever is higher.
    • Marketers want to track the performance of their campaign. CatJira will enable charting services to provide reports on the performance of their campaigns.
    • Marketers want help with running their campaigns. CatJira provides services to help marketers manage their campaigns using CatJira.

  12. I have more questions! I need help! How can I get in touch with CatJira?
  13. Contact us at hello@catjira.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.