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Hi! My name is Dewgem, Gem for short. I'm passionate about writing and about the book industry. I JUST LOVE READING! I'm also the Founder and CEO of Embun Writes, an exciting outfit that helps authors and brands market themselves through creative means. If you need to get your name out there, it's time to connect with me! I am a lifestyle blogger and I write on the many facets of life. I am aiming to be Malaysia's first influential female car reviewer (think female! I write on food, cars, culture, travels, gadgets and tech amongst others. Enjoy my blog at



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I am a wordsmith and I can whip up an article usually within three days. Just tell me what you need and I give you what you want.

Days to deliver: 3

Hire to negotiate price

Need a review? I can make a review to be a fun read! I believe in making sure that the article relates to the users hence increasing the brand's attractiveness to the mass market.

Days to deliver: 3