In my previous article; working with influencers part 1: before campaign launch. I talked about how best to work with influencers and what to determine and evaluate before launching  an influencer marketing campaign.

In this article, I will talk about what to do during the campaign to ensure its success.

So, you clearly defined your goals and objectives of the campaign and now it's being undertaken.

Be it to improve social media presence or develop social media influence, a clearly defined influencer marketing strategy is a must.

So how do you work with an influencer during a campaign?

Good question.

In my previous article, I emphasised on building a good working relationship to ensure the campaign's success. That is crucial and also has long-term benefits.

At this stage what you mainly do is campaign management.

Remember don't micromanage the influencer. They don't like that, that's why they are self-employed. Just do your part and let them do theirs.

The relationship is a two-way street and both parties perform their different tasks to ensure the success of the campaign.

Provided the goals and objectives measurable and realistic they can be easily achieved.

What you do while working with an influencer is, check whether they are doing everything to plan and at the right time or day. And also maximise the impact of their efforts.

During the planning stage you did may be come up with a schedule and keywords or phrases to be used during the campaign, right? So, what you do is check whether the content was posted on the predetermined day or time. Were the keywords and phrases used? Check for things like that, that were defined in the campaign brief.

During the campaign, you can also play another role, which is to maximize the impact of the campaign.

You could may be handle leads generated by the campaign. Very important!

Answer calls, handle queries and most importantly convert prospects. The influencer can't do this for you but he will most definitely generate a considerable amount of leads then it's your work to convert or take them to the next stage of the buying cycle.

The process is the same if you are driving traffic to your site, to your shop/office or just want to build your email list or fan base.

It is common to assume the campaign is a success if one gets a considerable amount of traffic, leads, clicks or subscriptions. But the only and best way to know the true ROI is measure, which I go into detail in part 3: Post Campaign.

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