You are about to launch your campaign and you have decided to incorporate influencer marketing in your brand's outreach program strategy. A very good decision indeed.

Of all outreach program ideas, influencer marketing is becoming most preferred by many marketers and brands - big or small.

So, you have decided on the right amount of money to invest in the campaign and you have already picked the influencer that fits your brand's objectives, goals and mission.


So now what will determine your campaign's success is how cohesive you work with the influencer. Remember this is a relationship where the two parties should benefit.

Every party's participation is vital to the campaign's success. Work together with your influencer in creating the content you would like him to share with his audience. These will be determined again by your budget.

The influencer will most probably ask for compensation for the time and effort taken in creating the content with you, as well as the time spent to share and engage his audience. But remember what should really determine the price is engagement. It is common to assume that a person with a huge following is an influencer. This is not always the case. Don't confuse popularity with influence. Influence goes hand in hand with engagement; views, likes and shares.

Different types of content get a different kind of engagement. Videos, images, web copy etc, all get a different kind of engagement.
And since the influencer knows best what makes his audience tick and you know the kind of message you would like to relay as well as which goals you would like to achieve, working together with the influencer is inevitable if you the campaign is to make the optimum impact it can.
The most successful influencer marketing campaigns have well figured out content strategies behind them. Take time to carefully develop a strategy. This step is vital importance and will play a huge role in your campaign.

Don't also forget to incorporate keywords in your content strategy. Though mostly overlooked, it's very important to optimize the content to ensure you get good SEO.
If you want follows, likes, visibility, leads, subscriptions etc, make sure they are all clearly defined in your content strategy. For example, if it's leads you want, you should determine the stage the prospect is the buying cycle. Then using influencer marketing, clearly guide him to the next step of action.

It's not easy work. But if executed well, the results will be worthwhile.

So in a nutshell. By the end of this exercise, you should have clearly defined:

  • Your main objectives and goals

  • The type of content to be created and shared

  • The main target audience (who obviously listen to the influencer)

  • The best call to action to be taken by the audience

  • How the campaign's success will be measured and evaluated

That's what should be determined before campaign launch and how you should work with influencers. In my next article (part 2), I go into detail on how you should work with influencers during the campaign.

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