You thoroughly researched and planned your influencer marketing campaign and of course, executed and managed it.

Now, what's left is measuring your campaign's impact, which makes up the third and last part: the post campaign.

How will you know is you achieved your objectives and goals? And, did you get returns on your investment? Did it prove to be valuable? You won't know unless you measure; impact, engagement and conversion.

To measure impact generated by the campaign track likes, views, connections and traffic. This is easy to track since social media sites, like Facebook and twitter (among others), all offer analytical reports for free but if you prefer you could also take advantage of third-party services.

Remember reach is not everything. So, getting your message to an audience of over 100,000 people with no engagement is not a wise move. So what you also have to measure is engagement.

But not just any content will engage people on social media. It needs to valuable and sometimes even entertaining, which I'm sure you took the time to co-create with the influencer you are working with.

The conversation created by your content also counts as engagement but for now let's go through the main examples of engagement metrics that you should track.

This include:
- Shares
- Clicks

- Direct messages

- Comments

- Retweets

- Mentions

Tracking these will give a clear impression of the outcome your campaign made.

But you don't stop there.

You need to measure conversion. To know how many people took action you must measure conversion.

The main goals and objectives that were clearly defined during the planning stage need to be checked if they were realised.

If you needed more downloads, a bigger fan base, more subscriptions, more leads, more traffic, more orders etc. Whatever you needed here is where you track and measure if they were all achieved.

This will tell you if the campaign was a success and if might be worth doing it again.

Keep in mind the engagement created helps boost conversion, gets you visibility and builds your brand. So, in a nutshell, the reach and engagement your message gets, directly affects the conversion you get in the end. That's why I always emphasise on working an influence who gets engagement rather than who just has a big following because it will determine the results you get. And I'm sure you want good results, right?

Influencer marketing is highly recommended for all brand, whatever their sizes. It has proven to be successful and profitable, you should definitely try it and see the results for yourself.

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