CatJira's straight forward hiring process. FIND, HIRE, COLLABORATE, REPORT.

FIND: Finding Influencers made easy
Marketers can search for influencers that are relevant to their product and services, suitable for their campaign needs.

HIRE: Hire the right influencers 
Marketers now have access to the influencers social media information through their profiles. Marketers also get to see the services offered by the influencers and have discussions with them for more information. These features allow marketers to make the right decision in hiring the right influencers.

COLLABORATE: Centralized collaboration and communications between marketers and influencers
Marketers and influencers can now engage in constant communication, upload documents, check payments, and report contents all in one place. No more having information scattered everywhere.

REPORT: Reporting made easy, flexible and powerful
CatJira's comparative reporting enables marketers and influencers to group different jobs together based on their campaign requirements. Our reporting feature (all credits goes to our users' feedback and my tech team's sleepless nights) are fully automated for all content created for jobs. This enables you to focus on content while CatJira takes care of most of business administration related matters.  

I'll show you some of the reports that is shared between you and marketer you working with. 

Know social media interactions of content posted:

Know performance of individual blogposts (currently only available to websites connected to Google Analytics):


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