Influencer or marketer, I'm sure you are very familiar with:
1. Providing/asking for social media profile links
2. Manually calculate reach and engagement of all your social media combined
3. Put all these information in a PowerPoint (media kit) or Excel sheets (internal usage)
4. Find out what kind of collaboration are open for discussion and its cost
5. Update these documents religiously (which I'm very sure you don't and one of the reasons I created CatJira)
6. Sharing these information means attaching document (that are not updated), and cumbersome

The first thing as you signup with CatJira is we automate all the above for you. How? Thanks for asking! Have a look at the awesome profile below. 

Updated in real-time, an influencer's profile is just ONE link away in providing you all the information you need to work with them. If you're a marketer, you can skip the social media integration and services (unless you are looking to be hired too).

You can also customize tags associated to your profile so that it best express your niche and area of influence. All about potatoes? Just add "potatoes" as a tag in your profile. 

You could communicate and conduct hiring via CatJira, making influencer marketing a lot less painful than it should be.

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