If you landed here, you’re probably a social media influencer. And you are looking to improve your chances of working with marketers.

Occasionally, we organize meetups attended by influencers and industry experts to help you improve your social media influencer game.

On our second meetup, we were privileged to have Syazwina from Leo Burnett (LB) Malaysia on how influencers like you could improve how you work with agencies. She passionate about influencer marketing like I am to Nasi Lemak.  

Due to the amount of information shared during the session, I will be breaking this into 4 part series.

Part 1: What agencies look for when hiring an influencer.
Part 2: Importance of selecting the right job and how.
Part 3: Influencer role in marketing communication.
Part 4: When and how to start charging for sponsored content from your clients.  

Part 2, 3 and 4 would be released in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for those.

Let us begin with part 1: Want to get hired by top agencies? Here’s what they look for.
We know you would like to get paid working with agencies as influencers. You and I also know agencies profile influencers to find the best fit for their campaigns. So how does profiling work and how can you make it to their top lists.

Today we will explore 3 myths of influencer profiling as discussed in the meetup.

Myth #1: The bigger the number of followers, the better my chances to be selected by agencies.
Here’s an example to think about. You have a Facebook page of 1 million followers. Everytime you post content, about 10 people like, comment or share it. Compare to another person that have 10 thousand followers in their Facebook page, but everytime they post, they get thousands of likes, comments and shares. If you are the marketer, who would you hire?

This is why engagement matters more than your number of followers.

Therefore, an advice from Syazwina to you is to focus on what engages your audience best. Grow the engagement rate and you will be more attractive to marketers.

Myth #2: When I am in a niche, I cannot create content that touches other topics
For example, a parenting blogger approached by car brands to review their cars. On the surface it seems like there is no relevance right? What if now we switch the content angle to “What should parents look for in buying their next family car?” The content immediately becomes relevant!

Your niche represents that audience that you are most likely to attract. A mommy blogger attracts other mommy bloggers to follow them. However, having the ability to relate non-parenting topics like the example above back to your audience is very valuable to marketers.

This means when marketers profile you, they look into the possibilities of conversation angles you can create for their product/services.

Myth #3: Post frequency does not matter, only quality does
Think about the influencers that you follow. You continue following them because they always have new content for you to engage with. If they take few months break from posting content, most likely you would forget about them in the future. Do you agree with this?

Every social media channel have their own definition of “posting regularly”. For example, for Instagram it’s twice a day, for Facebook it is few times a day, and for blog it is at least once a week.

When agencies see that it has been awhile since you last updated your content, they usually will not have you in their list.

Catjira’s role in this is to make it easy for you to showcase your social media influence to agencies information important to them in profiling influencers. To know how it works and get one for yourself, head to https://www.catjira.com. I’ll make sure my cats gives you a warm welcome :)

If you have more questions on how agencies profile influencers, send us a mail at hello@catjira.com or message us on Facebook.

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