I’m going to tell you a secret.

But before that...I would not want to waste the next 3 minutes of your time to read a post that is not relevant to you. If you are looking on how to monetize your online following and be valuable to marketers, the next 3 minutes will improve how you engage your audience.

The secret is improving audience engagement with your content — from Aristotle to Ogilvy to Draper — have known, but few have stated as directly as shared by Maverick during our Coffee with Experts.

I have put  together a 2 part series especially for you, online influencers. Because the very reason how much marketers are willing to pay you is how well you engage your audience.

Let’s begin with Part #1: Your community/audience is the reason you are valuable to marketers. How to engage and increase your audience base?

Whether you are a blogger, instagrammer, youtuber etc, you are using content to communicate and engage your audience.
Having a mailing list is a good start to improve how you engage your audience. Instead of waiting for your audience to read your blogposts, why not email them to let them know of new content you created.

While I would not be discussing on which email service suits you best, I will be writing about what you are missing out if you are not collecting emails of your audience.

1. Improve engagement to your content.
Imagine you are going to attend an event soon. You can send an email to your audience to collect questions they would like to ask. This gives a reason to your audience to interact with your upcoming post after the event.

Marketers are only interested in social media influencers that have high engagement rate with their audience across their social media channels. There is no point of having 100,000 followers if only 100 of them interact with your content most of the time. This is a strong signal to marketers that your followers are fake.

2. Drive traffic to the right channels.
Having a mailing list enables you to send your audience to the content that you would like them to see. For example, letting them know your latest blog post is up.

Now there is no need for you to wait for people to read your blog post and get to know who are the followers that loves your content. Similarly you can do this to let your followers know about your new Youtube videos.

Through this, you would also be able to identify who are your super fans (followers that are highly engaged with your content). Knowing who they are will enable you to cater your content better to them. Better still, your super fans talks about you to their peers.
So get to know who they are and start building a stronger relationship with them.

3. Reaching out to a bigger audience in social media.
Once you have strong engagement rate with your current audience, it is time to grow your number of followers. Of course you would be asking, how do I find more people that are similar to my super fans out there in the internet?

This is where you invest your revenue from sponsored post in advertisements to attract more followers. Spend on advertisement = more followers. Simple right? Not really. You would want to attract new followers that are similar to your current followers so that it would not hurt your engagement rate. This is where you email list becomes important.

Facebook advertisements help in reaching out to people that are relevant to your content. To do this, you would need to have a list of emails or contact numbers for Facebook to customize who to reachout to.

Similar to Facebook, Google advertisements also uses emails to help you customise who to reach out to.

Now that you have learned how email marketing helps improve how you engage your audience. Stay tuned for Part 2: Content without copywriting is a waste of good content.

As always, I am here to help influencers grow.

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