Over the years email marketing and organic search have always been amongst the most popular channels used by marketers to build their business online. In the latest Email Marketing Census from Econsultancy, they have also been named as the highest ROI generating solutions. While mentioned together, SEO and email have typically been compared against each other, but hardly ever analyzed in combination. What you’ll find in this manual are all the reasons why email and SEO should always go hand in hand. And how to optimize email marketing for you as an influencer.

You know you have 20,000 followers, but do you know who among them are your die hard followers? How do you notify all of them of the new content you just made?

Knowing who are your super followers and getting new ones
Typically, people think of SEO as the lead generation channel, whilst email marketing is more concerned about nurturing and identifying who are those that engages with your content most. Who else, other than your email subscribers can better build a profile your target audience and like-minded people better? Who else has the access to them and could influence their choice? Do you get what I am aiming at?

Adding social media icons and promoting social sharing can mean a great deal to building your brand online and attracting new audiences. By providing your existing subscribers with the right reasons to spread the word about your offer you can reach your target audience in an effective and very efficient way.

One great way to work with your audience is exploration of new social media channels. Say you have been into blogging and built quite an amount of followers, now you decide to add Youtube as one of your content channels. What better way to directly announce to your followers than to email them about this and get them to subscribe to your Youtube channel? Another is announce to your followers of new content on your blog. Instead of sharing links on multiple Facebook pages and groups, and hope someone would be clicking on it, why not send this update to your followers directly?

Thanks to social sharing icons, followers that share similar traits and interests will get the chance to read your emails on Facebook, Twitter or any other place they see the link. If they fall in love with what they see, they’ll be able to easily join your list by filling out the form that’s placed next to the online version of your message. It’s that simple.

Email marketing is like the traffic police, redirecting your audience traffic to content channels that you prefer.

What goes into SEO and how email marketing comes into place?
To understand what SEO really means, let's break that sentence down and look at the parts:
1. Quality of traffic.
Email marketing plays a big role in quality of traffic. Because individuals that signed up to your email list are those of interest to your content and most likely to engage with your future content, being able to drive these people to your site regularly improves how search engines perceive the quality of your traffic.

2. Quantity of traffic.
The conventional most bloggers and content creators use is to join as many Facebook groups as they can. Then share their content there and hope some would be clicking on it. This is very much a spray and pray tactic and may not work all the time. Emails enable you to share updates about your upcoming content directly to those who are already engaged with your content prior. This I reckon is much more effective than praying for results.

3. Organic results.
The likelihood of your followers subscribed to your email to share your content with their friends online is higher because you have already build rapport and trust with them. This in turn increases the probability of organic traffic coming from their peers and the network of their peers as well. This is what we call resonance.

I get what you mean by engaging my followers but how do I do it with emails?Email marketing tools enables you to see who interacts most and best with emails that you have sent out. Below are vital points to look for in your emails:
1. Open rate
Open rate shows you how your subscribers are reacting towards your emails. Here you would be able to learn what are the best times to send emails, email titles that increases open rate and who are the ones that are always engaging with your emails.

2. Click rate
Getting your subscribers to open emails is only one part of the equation. The next is click. Click rates enable you to see how they are interacting with your emails. More often than not, you would be including links that will send them to your blog or other social media channels for them to interact with your content.

3. Bounce rate
Bounce is when emails are not delivered. Bounces are bad for you because it affects the deliverability of your emails. High bounce rate tells mailboxes that you are a potential spam hence it will either block you or send your to your subscriber’s spam box. Email marketing most important rule is get your emails delivered - deliverability is king here.

I know who engages with my emails and content best best now with email marketing, what’s next?
Do you recall running competitions and giveaways to your fans? However you couldn’t tell who would come and join it, furthermore who would be best to join it. How about those that wanted to join in but missed it because they did not see your posts earlier?

Email marketing can help you solve this.

Email marketing tools like mailchimp enables you to segment your subscribers based on their interaction with your emails. This enables you to engage these followers with competitions knowing they would participate.

Not just this. Knowing your followers well enables you to tailor engagement activities. For those that are not as engaged as your super followers, you can plan your way on nurturing them into your super followers. The more super followers you nurtured, the more valuable you become to marketers thus increasing your rates for paid collaboration.

How do I get started with email marketing to engage my followers?

To begin, start with a email marketing tool that you are comfortable using. The market is filled with choices that would cater to your specific needs. Look for one that has great community support, or one that your friends are using happily currently.

How do I design emails that would best engage my audience?

Few items to have on your checklist are:
1. Email title
2. Date and time of sending emails
3. Overall email design (best ones often are minimalistic in design)

Most of your subscribers would be opening their emails on mobile. Be sure to keep this in mind.

There are plenty of resource available online that would be able to guide you on this. I am not mentioning it in detail here because depending on the email marketing tools you are using, there might be differences in design limitations.

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