Reporting on influencer marketing is kinda old school and have not improved for the past 8 years.

When you ask for content reports from 10 influencers, you might end up getting 10 different reporting formats that you will need to spend hours to consolidate them into something you show your clients. I know because I have been there.

Reporting on influencer marketing has been on screenshots on content that was created. Just like the image below. And it has been about “coverage” or how many people has posted about it.

Reports are “Boss, this campaign we have 10 blog posts, 30 instagram posts, 15 fb posts”. To get these screenshots, you would be manually finding and collecting them.

Such reporting makes it difficult to understand the value of influencer marketing.

Essentially, influencer marketing reports need to show:
1. Content – how many content are created and on what social media channel?
2. Reach – how many people see the contents?
3. Engagement – how are people engaging the contents?

What if your influencer report can be automated in showing the above and all you need to do is click “update report” button?

This means:
1. Going home early
2. Less time spent on doing boring excel work
3. Work on the campaign and not the paperwork

Introducing CatJira’s campaign reporting

Now that you know how your campaign is performing at the top level, how bout drilling down to how each influencer contributed to your campaigns?

We developed this because we needed this when we were working in agencies before this. Now we are out to help agencies and marketers to do one thing:
Return valuable time back to you for important things such as spending time with your loved ones and friends. 

How are you measuring your influencer campaigns? Here are beginner's guides to influencer marketing reports using CatJira

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