I’m sure most influencers like you started out as hobbyist; writing blog articles on topics you have interest on, creating parody videos on YouTube, makeup tutorials, and taking pictures of beautiful food layouts on Instagram.

As time passes, more people start to get connected to the content you produce. They are engaged with the persona behind the awesome content you make. Your followers start to ask your opinions on topics you create content on...Then comes the tipping point when you start to get noticed by marketers as an influencer. Offers come in many forms; cafe hopping, product reviews, trials on services, and media invites just to name a few. Some event get paid to create content. As you get more seasoned working with marketers, your portfolio as an influencer grows and opens more doors.

But wait...Why marketers want to work with you? Is it because you have a huge following? Is it because you produce quality content? Or is it something else. We will explore this topic here.

Marketers work with you because:
1. You are able to engage your audience well
Having huge following on social media accounts seems impressive, however savvy marketers look into how are you engaging your audience. If marketers were looking at getting reach, they would be using paid marketing services like adwords. Working with influencers is about social conversation.

Able to engage well with your audience lets marketers know that you are able to move your audience with your opinions on topics your audience associate you to.

2. Quality of content
It’s kind of subjective what quality content is isn’t it? Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, quality is similar in that sense.
Content quality is not how long or detailed your blog post is, or how snazzy your videos get. It is tied back to your audience and the intended audience the marketer is looking for.

A good piece of content is one that your audience like. It has to resonate with the topics that your audience associate you with, which then triggers engagement with your content such as comments, and social media interactions. Likewise it should also resonate with the intended audience of the marketer. Someone who has been creating content about mobile phones would less likely attract the attention marketers working on shoes.

3. Your persona
Your persona affects very much on the type and angle of content that you create. The type of audience that you have is largely affected by it too. Marketers will evaluate if your voice suits their needs and would resonate with their target audience.

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