As a marketer, it is important to know how the content performs when you are engaging influencers for your marketing campaigns, .

Just like you, before CatJira, I had my fair share of working with influencers. One of my greatest challenge is in reporting.

Imagine the following situation:
You are running a campaign that requires 20 online influencers. Each influencer is required to produce 3 content across several social media channels. 20 influencers x 3 content per influencer = 60 content.

This is starting to become a problem when you are trying to report the content’s performance because:
1. Collecting publicly available data
Assume on average it takes 5 minutes to find and record data from each content. For a total of 60 content, you will be spending 120 minutes just to compile information.

Additionally if you are one of those marketers that wants to have up-to-date information about your influencer campaign, you are likely to check it once a week. Assuming this is a one month campaign, updating it once a week at 120 minutes per update, that would mean you will be spending 480 minutes or 8 hours just to collect data for the campaign.

2. Collecting data from influencers
Sometimes there are information not available publicly such as Facebook page impressions, Youtube average view percentage, and blog post views. Getting these information could take much longer. Why? Because you would need to ask influencers to send screenshots. Time required for this can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 48 hours depending on how fast the influencers reply.

Similarly if you are checking this weekly, you will be spending 20 minutes per influencer. In a campaign with 20 influencers, every week you are spending 400 minutes communicating with influencers. In a month, that adds up to 1600 minutes or 26 hours 40 minutes.

3. Presenting data for reporting purposes
Once you have all the data, on average it should take about 3 hours to prepare a good report for presentation.

Depending on the company, especially for multinational companies and agencies, reports need to be prepared on a weekly basis. In a month, you will be spending 12 hours just to do reporting.

Let’s calculate how much does it cost you for the amount of time spent.  

Let’s assume the man hours for an employee costs US$ 4. Now let’s multiply the man hours with the total time spent on collecting publicly available data, collecting data from influencers and presenting data for reporting purposes.

Cost of Reporting
= (Collecting publicly available data + collecting data from influencers + presenting data for reporting purposes) x Cost per man hour
=(8 hours + 26 hours 40 minutes + 12 hours) x US$ 4
= US$ 186.70

Hence your cost for reporting is at least US$ 186.70.

However, it is just for one campaign. The cost grows with the number of campaigns and influencers involved. At the same time, I’m sure it would cost more if you were to do it because you are worth more than US$ 4 per hour. Moreover, I would be flipping tables if there are mistakes in the data and have to redo the whole report.

To give you an example, below are two images on content data being collected automatically in CatJira:

Image 1: Automated reporting of social media content

Image 2: Automated report of websites and blogs content

Let’s compare the difference between doing it manually or with using CatJira. Based on the campaign details mentioned previously, a month long campaign with 20 influencers:
1. Content finding is 100 minutes per update
2. Getting non-public data is 400 minutes per update (at best)
3. Preparing reports is 3 hours per update

* As shown in image 1 and 2, CatJira prepares up-to-date content reports for you

With time savings from using CatJira, you can now handle more campaigns in parallel and it is a much better way to spend your valuable time. In the end, we want to help you to be better in influencer marketing. That is what drives us.

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But that is not all. If you contact me, I will do the following for you:
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