For startups most of its marketing efforts with be more or less experimental. Meaning until they find what truly works for them, it is all about trial and error. So is it with influencer marketing.

As a startup, I have to assume that most of your things are in the development stage. The distribution channel, products/services and in this case, the marketing channel.

Basically, you are looking for what will work for you in both an efficient and economical manner.

So may be you are trying to take advantage of influencer marketing, which I have to say it's a really smart move.

But why do I emphasise on sharing and growing your idea with influencers?

Good question. And here's why.

First I would presume that before you go picking just any influencer, you have clear defined description of the kind influencer that fits your brand. Some are:

An influencer who actually influences your target customers
An influencer with a considerable amount of followers
An influencer who is ready to work together in co-creating content
An influencer who gets a considerable amount of engagement
An influencer who wants to have a long term working relationship

If you like you can also square it down a lit bit more. If geography is a factor, look for that. If budget is (which in most case is) check for that.

You will also want to look for a smart influencer.

Now, when you find the right influencer for your brand here's where I emphasise on sharing your ideas, goals, and objectives with them.

You want to have the most engaging content shared by the influencer you are working with right? And I'm sure you want the best outcome from your campaign? Right?

So share these ideas with the influencer. You will also get validation for him on whether it's OK to continue with them or if any changes are needed. But I think what's important he will create content so that it resonates with his following. He knows what makes them tick and he'll use that as the basis of the content to be shared.

That's why I said you should look for a smart influencer who has experience working with different brands. His experience will be gold in your campaign.

And since both of you are looking to have a long-term working relationship, you will track what works and what doesn't and grow from there. And even hopefully make influencer marketing your main marketing medium.

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