If you have been reading my articles, you now have a clear idea about the power of influencer marketing. And you also know (or have an idea) of how to plan it, execute it and measure it.

If you know little about influencer marketing, my previous sequel articles 'working together with influencers' will help you understand the basics of influencer marketing and how to have a successful campaign.

In this article, I will go into the pre-marketing part before a product launch.

It is almost similar to the usual pre-marketing brands do for their products but it is a bit different.

Unlike the usual (online) pre-marketing where aggressive use of ad buying is practised and persistent posting as well as tweeting to a brand's following. Influencer marketing is more subtle with the audience being a bit tighter and diverse.

Not say that most pre-marketing brands do is unreliable. But let's face the facts here.

Most brands don't have a big following in their social media accounts. And even what's more unfortunate (which is an undeniable fact) most brands get very little engagement on social media. Such usual phenomenon is brought by a number of factors.

At the top of the list is poorly created content. People get more engaged by interesting content. Second is the frequency of posting. It's quite sad that most social media accounts owned by many brands are just dormant. Or content is posted once in a blue moon.

The other which many brands are notorious for doing is buying followers. It is almost like a competition these days. If a brand sees the other with more followers they go out and buy more in order to be equal. And you wonder why a company with thousands of followers gets like 12 likes on their posts. Who are all these other followers? Why are they not engaging with the brand they followed in the first place?

With influencer marketing what you get most of is engagement. And that's what you want before launching your product - people talking about your product. This creates a frenzy. And gets people warmed up and eager for your product launch.

Work with the influencer in creating content that grabs attention and makes people eager for your product.

He/she has a diverse following which is your target customers. Take advantage of this and put your product in front of them.

Do it well and you shall get what you truly need; shares, clicks, retweets, mentions, ratings, comments etc. The is the engagement you need before launching your product. The bigger the engagement the better.

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