Marketing validation with influencers seems like a stretch doesn't it? We'll not quite. When done reading this article you will see why.

To know how market validation with influencers can be done we need to go to the basics and identify the main characteristics of an influencer.

First, they have a huge following. And to be exact a huge diverse following.

Second is they have the power to influence action from their following.

With those two characteristics let me now tell you how it is possible.

Unlike test marketing which is a bit expensive and time-consuming, influencer marketing performs the same purpose while still getting you visibility and engagement. Sure it won't work for all businesses because of the different products and services involved but for the others that can, the results will be very useful.

So how do you get market validation with influencers?

The process is kind of the same as typical influencer marketing but for this case you are looking for more conversation rather than action. Although there are exceptions where the two can be the outcome.

For example, let's say you are looking to know if the typical buyer would purchase your new developed product. You then work together with the influencer to come up with content that his following will find interesting and most likely engage them. He knows what content makes his audience tick, so when you work together it won't take long to come up with interesting ideas.

Then when you are done creating the content he will share it. Here is where it gets interesting.

You see with his diverse following you are guaranteed to get all sorts of responses from different kind of people from different locations. Think of it as a very diverse focus group taking a survey, spilling their thoughts but without knowing they are in a survey.

That is good if you ask me.

Because typical focus groups put in one room are unreliable. You will have those who dominate the session - they talk too much and try to persuade others, the shy types keep quiet and the results are just unreliable.

That doesn't happen online. In fact, the shy ones participate the same way as the others. There is just that confidence people have typing their thoughts on a screen online. You are just taking advantage of it.

And what's even better is that such engagement is very measurable. The comments, ratings, likes, shares or direct messages all can be easily measures and the results analysed.

Is it worth trying? Of course! Because this is how we validate CatJira's concept.

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