Hopefully you have done a pre-marketing for your product launch like I suggested in my previous article, and now the D-day has arrived and you are launching your product.

Using influencer marketing for your pre-marketing and product launch ensures very high chances of your new product's success.

What happens during the pre-marketing directly affects the results and outcomes of the product launch. That's why I started by asking if you did engage in a pre-marketing campaign.

I will presume you did a pre-marketing using influencer marketing. And for the launch it is wise to do the same and use influencer marketing. This, above all things will ensure consistency. You want that, because one directly affects the other and it's easier to measure outcome.

You are launching your product here using the same medium you used during your pre-marketing. Meaning this is your target audience and most importantly, you got them pumped and eager for your product, which is the best thing a new product can have.

The factors that affect the launch like the reach and engagement, will play a huge role in the product launch. If the engagement was impressive, it is almost automatic the launch will not disappoint.

In my previous articles; Including influencers in your product development and market validation with influencers, I talked about factors that lead up to the product launch and directly affect it.

When talking about including influencers in a product development, I emphasized on making use of the influence, expertise and experience an influencer has. Make use of their strengths.

And what is equally important was doing market validation with influencers. This again involves making use of their influence. This stage should have also shade some light on the market potential of your product. If you did an influencer marketing campaign to seek market validation for your product and the outcome was good, it will give you a go ahead to continue, which will lead you to this stage; the launch.

Also, be prepared for the uncontrollable variables involved. Some of these are, the market, the weather and the butterfly effect where a simply thing like a share, a click or a retweet can lead to a conversion in the long run. Others like timing, price buying process and type of product.

So everything might be right except the timing. Or the market might like the product but prefer other cheaper, easily available substitutes to your product. Or simply the buying process (ease of acquiring your product). Such factors will play a role in the success your product launch.

If you do the steps leading to the launch correctly and measure outcome, you are almost guaranteed a successful launch.

If you have been reading my articles by now you have a winning formula to making a successful product launch using influencer marketing. Take advantage of it and see the impressive results for yourself. Let us know if you need any help,we'll be happy to help you anytime.

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