I know the statement "include influencers in your product development" got you mental wheels spinning, right?

Why include influencers in my product development? What do they know about the products we develop? How is that even possible?

These are some of the questions you are probably asking yourself right now but I'm confident by the end of this article you will see why I recommend so.

The reason you find it really hard to even think of including influencers in your product development is because typical product teams are made up of specialists, researchers, usability experts, marketers among many other professionals. Getting influencers on board is just unthinkable, right?

We'll not really!

You see an influencer is a marketer in her own way but who only specialises on strictly one or sometimes more social media platforms.

And even for some of them, they were the first ones to adopt and use the social media platform they are currently influencers in. That's how real influencers come to be. They are the early adopters of new social media platforms. By the time people get to know about it and get the guts to try it out, they have already created a considerable fan base and have more or less become influencers themselves.

See how it works. The first ones dominate and get the big share.

In other words, such influencers have been on these social media platforms for years. They have worked with many brands just like yours. They have made some mistakes along the way and learned from them. But what's important it that they influence your target customer.

You definitely need somebody with this kind of talent and experience.

How is such talent and experience useful in your product development?

Well, very useful. For starters, the fact that they influence your target customer makes them worth working with when coming up with a product your target customer will like and purchase.

They know what makes them tick and they have seen and probably shared other brand products with their following and tracked the results. Their following can also work also ask a focus group.

Yes, focus group.

You can get validation from influencers and their following and know whether your product has a good market potential.

Their years of experience and their following should be very useful to your brand and not forgetting their talents also. They will help come up with ideas that guarantee your product success.

So is it worth including influencers in your product development? Sure! Try it and see for yourself the positive results you will get?

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