It’s been about a year now...From the coffee chat that spurred the CatJira...

For the past months, there has been constant question revolving around “who are the people behind CatJira”. Allow me to to have you seated with your head rested, and get to know us better through social space.

Circa 2014, the idea of making a positive change to influencers like you was spurred over coffee. Where? Artisan Roast in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (somewhere in Malaysia). I could still recall the table we were seated at.

What does CatJira mean?

This is part of the story that usually gets people in awe :) When we were thinking of it, a short-haired brown cat passed in front of us, hence the “Cat” portion.

Jira (a portion of the word “gojhira”) then came in to make the act snazzy.

We used to have a maroon coloured Cat-headed godzilla logo before this.

What is the problem you embark on solving?

Influencers more often than not started by taking it up as a hobby; writing blog articles, snapping visually engaging pictures, and putting up parody videos as their favourite past time. The satisfaction of content creation grows in them when their content begin to reach out and engage like-minded audience. Influencers speak with a voice different than those of brands, influencers evoke conversations in social media.

Influencers are then the perfect bridge between brands and their audience. They are prized by their persona, content angle, and efforts put in to create shareable and engaging content.

However, for those who are looking into creating content a a potential career chances may slip pass them because of the following:

  • Not discovered by marketers in the sea of social media influencers

  • Not knowing who are the marketers they could approach

  • Not knowing where the influencer communities that are relevant to them

  • Flaw in the industry treating content as advertisement boards (where value only comes with audience reach instead of content quality)

  • New to digital content optimization

  • How should influencers prepare reports if they are to work with marketers

And the list could go on endlessly. But this should not be the case, influencers should be able to focus on creating content while having all these concerns taken away from them.

THAT is our mission as a company. To enable influencers focus on creating engaging and shareable content while having technology to take care of all the non-content related concerns.

What are you going to do about it?

Building technologies for influencers under one platform is our contribution to the community of influencers. All technologies built for influencers are free.

We achieve this by working closely with influencers of all tiers to better understand their needs and continuously improve CatJira. Our greatest satisfaction is when you are a happy influencer.


If you are an influencer, we would like to hear from you. About the challenges you face and how we can help you.

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