Hi there. Are you thinking of how to make your CatJira profile private? This is the right article for you. 

Just like you, there are influencers who are looking for ways on how to best present their social media influence and would like to be able to choose who sees  their profile. 

Traditionally, you would be preparing a media kit to include all the necessary information and update it periodically (more like once every few months). Then send it to clients and agencies that works with social media influencers. However old information are useless because it is not the best representation of your current social media influence. 

Now with CatJira, you could have a detailed breakdown your social media influence updated daily. This means a CatJira profile you sent to an agency months back is always the most updated version. 

Here's 2 steps to make your CatJira profile private:
Step 1 - Go to your Profile and click "Edit Profile".

Step 2: Click on "Other Settings" and select "Private"

Do note that by making your profile private, your CatJira profile will not be searchable online. Others will only be able to view your profile when you grant them permission. 

To grant permission, login to CatJira with your CatJira profile and get hold of your client's CatJira profile. Click on "Give View Permission" (The big red button in the image below). Only then they will be able to view your profile. 

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