Previously on "How to create a compelling CatJira Profile", you learned how to create a compelling CatJira profile to increase your chances of getting hired by marketers.

In this piece, I will show you how to create services for marketers to hire. This is important because marketer can only hire services that are available in your profile.

Here’s a step by step walkthrough on how to create services:

1. Add new services

You will see “Add New Services” on the right of your profile (highlighted by the red box in the image above). Click on it to begin.

2. Fill in details for your service

Insert your price, days required to deliver your work and description of your services (maximum 1000 characters or about 200 words). It is important that you have a clear description of your services because it is used to help marketers to search for services relevant to them.

What to include in your services:
- Nature of work (Some examples will be shown later)
- Price (for more information on how to price your services, read more here)
- Estimated number of days to deliver content

If you do not wish to include the price of your services, leave it empty and it will show up as the image below. 

3. Edit or remove your services

There may be occasions where you would like to edit or remove your services. To edit or remove, click “Edit” or “Delete” on the services you wish to change (as marked by the red box in the image above).

That is it. Now you know how to add, edit and delete services. As an example, below is an image on how you can create your services.

But wait, what if marketers want services that I do not have?

If there are services that marketers want but you do not have them, you can easily create a new service within minutes.

To read more on how you could better price your services, head to Pricing Your Services.

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