This article is a walkthrough on how you can create a compelling CatJira profile.

At the end of this article, you will learn how to increase the chances of marketers clicking the “Hire” button on your profile.

CatJira Profile is created so that visitors viewing your profile page will be able to get the necessary information to hire you as an influencer. For example, information on what is your audience size, what is your engagement with your audience and the relevance of your audience. Therefore, your CatJira Profile is your resume as an online media influencer.

Okay, now that you have some basic knowledge on the necessary information, let’s begin from the top of your CatJira Profile.

Below, you will see the differences on what others see on your profile compared with what you see on your profile.

What others see on your profile

other profilePNG

What you see on your profile

catjira profilePNG

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in your CatJira Profile and how you can work it to your advantage.

1. Profile image

Having a high quality casual but professional profile image is very important. Having a friendly photo of yourself in your profile helps create trust and shows that you are a real person that we can talk to.

By default, your profile image is taken from any of the integrated accounts. To change the picture in your CatJira profile, click on “Edit Profile” button and choose a picture you would like to be shown on your profile. 

update imagePNG

2. A short description of you as an individual
Members looking for influencers may not know who you are (weird, right?!), so help them out by telling them about your background, what you do and any relevant experience or passions that provide context to the topics and areas of expertise listed on your profile.

This section allows you to write  800 characters (about 160 words).  To edit, click on “Edit Profile” and scroll to “About you” (image shown below). CatJira will be using this for search.

about youPNG
3. Tags
Our mission is to help others looking for someone with your niche to find and connect with you. "Tags" is the best way to do this. We allow every member to have up to 5 tags that best define your skills, knowledge, experience or passions that they feel comfortable talking about. 

Tags are located at the right of your profile. It allows visitors to identify your relevance to them. You can create a new tag (for example, friday_high_tea_instagrammers) or add an existing tag to your tag list.

These tags make searching for your profile much easier and more relevant to your content.
4. Social media accounts

profile socialPNG

Connecting your social accounts helps build trust within our community because it shows that you've taken extra steps to verify your identity and social credibility. Even though we ask you to connect your Facebook account, we don't link to your profile anywhere on the site (we totally get that it's sacred ground for your friends and family). Connected social accounts shown as charts in your profile. The more relevant social accounts you include, the more legit your profile will look.

These social media icons are automatically generated based on the channels you have added into your profile. These icons also work as quick indicators in search as shown in the image below.


5. Graphs and charts for social media accounts
Sending links of your social media channels and blogs do not give enough information for marketers to hire you. Hence this portion of your profile provides all the necessary information to increase your chances of getting hired. Not to mention it increases trust because of the speed and transparency provided. 


Social media data from your social media accounts is shown in the form of charts and numbers. Visitors to your CatJira profile will be able to see how influential you are in each of your channels by clicking into it.


Although your CatJira profile can support multiple social media accounts, it is essential to only integrate social media accounts that are consistent to its niche.

6. Services

add new servicePNG

Having services is vital. Without them, marketers won’t be able to hire you for their campaigns. Just take a look at the differences in the images below.

With services (hire button marked by red box)

with hirePNG

Without services

without hirePNG

To learn how to create services, click here How to create services for marketers to hire you.

In a nutshell, it is important for you to complete your CatJira profile with description, tags, social media accounts and services because each and everyone of them makes it easier for marketers to find you and hire you.

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