Step 1: Find Google Search Console
Look for Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tool).

Step 2: Login with the email used for your blog 
Once logged in to your webmaster tool account, click on add property and paste the URL of your blog into it. 


Step 3: Verify Ownership
Verify ownership of your blog by using one of the methods. Each of the method will have its guide as you follow through to verify your blog.

As a precautionary step, for steps that require you to edit the HTML code of your blog, please kindly backup your HTML code before editing it. This will prevent unforeseen circumstances such as site not working after edit.


The easiest method to verify your blog in webmaster tool is using HTML tag. Follow instructions carefully to include the HTML tag into your blog.

Click on “Edit HTML” to edit your template. Example on how to edit as below:
<meta name="google-site-verification" content="2R7pQv09pbgteCr_NfLx6FRoGxNUMx4JusXwNbT6pfs" />
<title> My title </title>
<body>page contents

Once done, click “Verify” button in your Google Search Console. The following page will show when verification is successful.

Now you are ready to start with some advance SEO for your blog. Follow instructions within the search console for more information.  

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