Nothing is more important to an agency than able to develop, deploy, and sell new services to your clients easily. 

However, some marketers are reluctant to offer influencer marketing to their clients because it takes effort and time to:
1. Maintain a list of influencers with updated reach, relevance, and engagement statistics
2. Pitch influencers that are relevant
3. Gather information on how to plan, execute, and monitor campaigns to ensure success
4. Prepare campaign reports with actionable insights

You could now prepare pitches in minutes instead of hours by:
1. Sending updated influencer profiles for client approval (here's one for you to start with)
2. Launch campaigns in 15 minutes or less (start one today for free)

With CatJira's analytics, we help you:
1. Identify the right influencers for the right campaign
2. Plan campaigns according to influencer's audience demographics
3. Easily track of content and campaign engagement to identify areas to optimize client budget
4. Pitch campaigns to more customers without spending hours on preparing PowerPoint decks 

At the end of the day, we are here to help you better work with your clients by helping you:
1. Start influencer marketing as your revenue stream
2. Execute measurable influencer campaigns to increase your value
3. Prepare sales material related to influencer marketing
4. Be influencer marketing expert in front of your clients

We make influencer marketing easy for you to better serve your clients with just clicks of a button.  

Contact us at to know how you can start influencer marketing as a new revenue stream with ease. 

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