Today I’m thrilled to announce the our latest enhancement to CatJira. It’s the most powerful set of tools we’ve ever built, and we built it for our most forward-thinking customers. The new CatJira is the culmination of 10 months of work, user insights research, and tons of customer feedback from interviews and surveys from our awesome community of influencers and marketers.

The result of all that hard work is a robust set of CatJira features including Comparative Reporting, Multi-profile Social Media Support, and Academy for Influencers.

Details of the features will be published in a separate note over the coming week, but I’d like to share a little back story along with my perspective as a CatJir-ian.

Powered by Purpose:
First and foremost, CatJira is true to our company’s purpose: we are here to empower social media influencers to grow. When my co-founder and I founded the company, we know the sense of purpose that comes when working with marketers and engaging your audiences at the same time is going right. But you and I are all too familiar with the pain when things go wrong as a social media influencer in the delicate act of balancing between your audience and marketers. When it happens, it can be devastating, and repercussions can last for years. Preventing that is what drives us.

This is why CatJira approaches the idea of “empowering social media influencers” in a different way than most. We’re not here to coddle social media influencers and call them “heroes” just because they’re passionate and brave. Courage is great, and it certainly takes a lot of courage to start, grow and engage your audience, but we know firsthand that courage alone is not enough. Influencers need to leverage technology to maximize their time and passion. We’re here to equip influencers with the powerful technology they need to grow, like automation, data science, and skill enhancement tools. That’s what CatJira is all about.

Powerful tools aside, you can now improve your skills as an influener with CatJira Academy too. 

Democratized by Design
CatJira’s specialty is taking powerful features normally reserved for larger-hi-budget talent managers and enterprises, and making them accessible  to influencers who are still along the journey of turning this into a meaningful career.

If we sold software to big enterprises and talent agencies, it doesn’t matter if the software is easy to use because the buyer are usually not the user - they could just mandate it to those working with them. When working with independent influencers, you are the buyers and the users at the same time. Hence delightful user experience is critical. This is why design is in our DNA and you can see it in the improved CatJira.

With CatJira, we provide true equal collaborative opportunities within the network. For the first time, influencers need not wait and sit for a job. You too can pitch to marketers within CatJira to engage them in a campaign, similarly pitch collaboration ideas with other influencers to grow your audience.

I’ve seen influencers spend hours on preparing media kits, massaging campaign reports and plugging data into spreadsheets so they can generate even more reports to share with their clients. CatJira makes it easy for you to do all that by automating them. 

Your new CatJira profile enables you to list services, be contacted and hired; a centralised work center as an influencer.

Excited for what's next
This is a very high-level view of just a few of the highlights. Login to update your account and discover the updates made.

CatJira’s always made it easy for you to get started, and to grow. We can’t wait to see how you optimize influencer-marketer collaboration with CatJira. And remember, as always, we’ll be looking forward to—and iterating on—your feedback. This is just the beginning, too. Stay tuned for more CatJira features in future releases.

Yours truly,

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