When I started working on CatJira, we were like you - we know there are value in micro-influencers. Those grassroot level individuals with social following but do not have celebrity status. 

Over the course of the past 12 months, we helped marketers run more than 190 campaigns - some we monetize, mostly we do not. Simply because our monetization model looks into:
1. Enable marketers and influencers to find each other easily for free - with data oriented profiling, 
2. Most features in CatJira is free because we know marketers need to get comfortable in using tools in making their life easier. 
3. We only monetize when marketer is ready for the most important part of influencer marketing - real time campaign reporting. 

While we have our hits and misses in educating marketers the importance of data analytics in ensuring their campaign success, what I'm about to share next is how we became an accidental case study. 

While we were not monetizing every campaign to enable us have coconuts by the beach while checking our emails, we work our best to build good will in educating influencers on how to use CatJira's profiling so they could better offer their services to their clients. 

One such influencer is Siti Aminah (better known with her pseudonym, Uzu or Emas Putih) - here's her CatJira profile, catjira.com/emas-putih.

Here's the laydown. 

One fineday, she was telling her friends on how she was able to better secure influencer related work. We thought "Cool, we are helping influencers as intended.".

Then it came, she written in her blog post about CatJira and had it shared on her social media channels. 

The following 2 weeks, I saw there were spike in signups, from both marketers and influencers - with many starting to create campaign. 
To be exact - it's 57 influencers and 12 marketers in the span of 12 days , all that coming from Siti. 

It got us thinking while we are trying to get marketers to have data driven approach on influencer marketing, perhaps we should start sharing stories like this. 

I'm sure there are other marketers out there that have benefited from influencer marketing as well. While they may not be publicly sharing their stories, these success stories do exist. 

If asked what is the ROI of influencer marketing in our accidental case, there are 3:
1. Brand awareness - that drive action
2. Creation of campaigns - that helped us impact one marketer at a time
3. Sales - well, not in this case. Too bad we were not selling cosmetics. 
Yes, there are many influencer marketing platforms out there - google influencer marketing malaysia and you'll be able to see all of us. 

With each our strengths, reasons to start, monetization model, as well as approach to market, we are here to make change in improving market trust for influencer marketing through data analytics. While public may ask "who are your competitors?", I always answered these guys out there are working hard for similar reasons - to make a change in the market and of course, get the marketing dollars from marketers pocket. Afterall, we are not charities. 

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