Step 1: Select "social media settings" in the drop-down list at top right of your CatJira profile.

Step 2: 
Step 2: Click on WordPress icon.

Step 3: This pop-up will appear. Proceed by clicking into it.

Step 4: Check your logged-in WordPress account to ensure you are integrating the right account. If you have more than one WordPress account, just change it it from the current account you are logged-in to the account you would like to add to CatJira.

Step 5: A blue coloured notification will show up to let you know integration is complete. Then, click on “Filter social media”

Step 5: Look for WordPress and select sites you wish to add to your CatJira profile.

Step 6: Click on the big green button at end of page to save changes.

Now that you are done with WordPress, click here to learn how to add other social media channels into your CatJira profile.

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