The large challenge of social media marketers (when working with influencers with Facebook pages) is knowing how many and how frequent people see it. Afterall, one of brand awareness campaign metric is number of impressions. 

To understand how many times an influencer's  posts are seen, how frequent Facebook users are exposed to posts created by influencers you are working with, use impression as a key metric. 

Impressions = Number of content associated to your campaign is seen 

There are 3 main components to Facebook impressions - Organic, Paid, and Viral impressions. 

Organic Impressions: The number of times an influencer's content was displayed in a user’s News Feed, ticker, or on your page.

Paid Impressions: The number of times influencer's paid content was displayed.

Viral Impressions: The number of times content associated with influencers of your campaign were displayed in a story published by a friend. Stories can include liking, commenting or sharing on your page, answering a question or responding to an event.

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