If there is one this that ought to be the highlight of a campaign, it would be how content is consumed and this is important to both marketer and influencers. 

One of the similarities between marketer and influencer is to connect and engage with a specific audience using content. 

An influencer's reach is to facilitate the consumption of the content. More reach, more people see the content, more would consume - at least that's what we all have in mind when engaging influencers. 

Regardless of influencer's reach, consumption of content is how people engage with it. Here are quick guides on consumption/engagement metrics relevant for different types of content:
1. Blog posts
- How long are people viewing the posts?
- How many people viewed it and how many are returning?
- How many are bouncing off the page? - This means people don't go to other pages within the site after the blogpost.

2. Facebook
- Where are people clicking on the posts?
- How long are they engaged with the video content? - time spent and percentage video watched
- Are people sharing the post?
- Are people engaging in conversations about the posts via comments?

3. Instagram
- Like, comments and video views are pretty much what you see on consumption.
- Instagram does not provide much on analytics in comparison to other channels

Whether you are an influencer or marketer, knowing how people are consuming content on your channels is vital in answering these 3 important questions:
- what content works?
- how can i improve?
- what channel works best for your type of content?

p.s: Content consumption reporting is a paid feature in CatJira. 

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