Looking for 10 foodie influencer for unboxing video (Klang Valley and KL only)


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Looking for 10 foodie influencer,

        Delicious free food will be send to your home every now and then. All you have to do is produce an short unboxing video while you open and consume the food (take note: some food will require easy cooking) and share it to your blog and social network. 

Check out our website at www.homemademarket.com.my and facebook: @HomeMadeMarket99

Currently, We have 2 feature seller (non-halal) which is Taiwan Mama dumpling and Aun Soon green bean biscuit. There will be Halal food coming on board soon. 

Please send in your facebook/blog profile and please indicate halal food only if require. at info@homemademarket.com.my or watapps at 013-3333079 

talk to you soon! 

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  • Monday, October 17, 2016
  • Country:
  • Malaysia
  • Closing Date:
  • Monday, October 31, 2016

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Recommended Influencers

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1 @Apple Berry

I'm a foodie with lots of love and foods everywhere. I do explore more in Travels, love myself in Beauty and happiness in Lifestyle. Foodilicious ^.^v

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2 @myhearttots

I will love to blog on creative stuff...or food that is healthy to the public, will charge in a reasonable rate. I will go to low rate for the time being as I'm still a young blogger, less than 1 month old. But I have readers from overseas, so let me know if you need me be your influencer.

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3 @Cherriec

Chinese Blogger . 中文部落格 I blog about food , Travel , unboxing and beauty product . 開箱。旅行。食記-www.cherriec.com

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4 @Arisa_Chow

Recommended by: @richard moh

A soon mom to be with a feisty and fun personality to boot. Not your average plain Jane next door, to me it's going all out for doing things you love. A Beauty, fashion, travel (Japan) & Lifestyle blogger who is always on a look out for interesting things to write about. Known as a veteran cosplayer of 11 years in the cosplay scene which gave me the opportunity to grow as a Fashion/ Costume Designer and blogger as well, worked with various brands & organizations like Japan Chiba Government, KOSE, Spotlight Malaysia, Rakuten, CANMAKE TOKYO, Okashi World and many more.


5 @serahlim

A free spirited one who loves cooking and food paired with a little of fashion and beauty; enjoying life's offerings. Did I mentioned I love all furry animals? I love to surround myself with wonderful things in life.

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6 @janechua18

I am a professional working Mom blogger at www.mommyjane.com. I love to bring my children to explore and experience something new that will help them up in their growing up period and to help out all parents out there to be a better parents updated with all the latest information and opportunities.

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7 @mistanizzy

Recommended by: @baztan

A Travel Blogger , Former Flight Attendant , A Wanderlust , An Eater , Love Seeing Fashion , A Sneaker Lover , From Penang and Living in Kuala Lumpur.

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8 @aiyeekoo17

Recommended by: @nicolekws

Mummy blogger who enjoy food and parenting journey

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9 @Linda

I am a mommy blogger with 2 kids. My blog is at www.yeelinda.blogspot.my. I love to attend blogger events and bring my children to learn new things. My daughter's blog is at www.mel-happy-blog.blogspot.my

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10 @alizasara

Hi, Im Sara, a video game-playing, cat-hoarding, beauty addict. I am also a petite fashion lover who dreams of venturing into the fashion industry one day. Blogs about fashion, travel, beauty, food, & life.

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11 @Joysofyz

Lifestyle blogger from KL currently studying in Singapore. Readers mostly from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. IG: instagram.com/joysofyz Blog: http://joysofyz.blogspot.sg


12 @carerynn

A petite blogger who is passionate about all things beauty, fashion, travel, food & generally about living a healthy & happy lifestyle. Beauty, fashion & shopping addict!

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13 @tiffanylee

Recommended by: @richard moh

Hi everyone! I am a lifestyle, beauty and food blogger and I blogged at www.tiffany-leee.blogspot.com

Jacqueline khoo

14 @JacJacKhoo

Recommended by: @richard moh

Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger | I blog in Chinese & English at mylove-jacqueline.blogspot.com

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15 @Lwin Lee

Blogger-cum-freelance writer who expresses the world cognitively through writing in a wide genre of F.A.T.E (Food • Art • Travel • Events). Also an avid advocate of living life to the fullest with sheer optimism and influencing surrounding people with positive vibes.

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16 @Clumsyk.Blogspot

Kathy here, young 20s, fresh, social, love to eat, travel, & try new things! Hit me up for something fun & tasty!


17 @wanyyg

Hello! I am Geraldine, and I blog at www.wanyyg.blogspot.my where I cover mostly on personal muse which are arts, paintings, and travel.

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18 @sweetpeareen

Recommended by: @Jellybean_star

I'm lifestyle blogger who loves food, coffee, fashion, beauty, movies and travel as well as going to an event. I'm compassionate, bubbly, outgoing, outspoken and quirky.

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19 @dayverampas

A beauty junkie who blogs at www.dayverampas.com with a major in accountancy, and social marketing who blogs about her experience while using products or services. A wife and mom who is trying to get herself as healthy as possible, and a postgraduate student who loves skincare a lot especially when it comes to Korean skincare products. She is a fan of Korean, Taiwanese, Philippines, and Japanese dramas.

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20 @anfaalR

A Malaysian Blogger / Vlogger & Youtuber. Loves travelling and blogging. I do daily weekday vlogs as well on my Youtube Channel. I can write in both Malay / English. I blogged about beauty, lifestyle, food, travel and gadgets. :)

Img 20160430 155333

21 @Jessiekoo

An influencer and blogger mummy of 2 who loves most of the thing under the sun. I blog about beauty, travelling, event, food and life experiences after motherhood. Holding a Mrs Malaysia Beauty Ambassador 2012 and other pageant title has given me an opportunity to share my thoughts and experience with others especially married women. Having a William Syndrome girl is another milestone of learning as personal sharing has take parenthood to a different level.

Img 20160320 wa0001

22 @Jellybean_star

I'm a Lifestyle Blogger who loves fashion, music, film, arts, food & coffee.


23 @RikaJue

Lifestyle, beauty, reviews and almost a daily record of my life at www.rikajue.com

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24 @Windzanity

An actor and a lifestyle Blogger who explore and write with true heart! Feel happy to do all regarding lifestyle, beauty, travel and food. BLOG | windzneom.blogspot.com INSTAGRAM | WINDZ : Pwincewindz FACEBOOK FANS PAGE | https://www.facebook.com/Windzanity/ Tweet "hi" to me at TWITTER | windzneom88


25 @perutbesi

I'm mainly a food blogger, who focuses on food/restaurant reviews & write-ups, travel (and food at the places where I travel, of course!), & any products/events that revolve around food/drinks/edible products/health. I love sharing information with my readers, especially places for good food that's "pocket-friendly". You'll notice that my blog posts have very detailed information on the product/food/place reviewed instead of just pretty pictures as I love coupling well-captured photos with informative descriptions. Check out my food & travel adventures at Blog: http://perutbesi.blogspot.com Insta: @perutbesi Email: perutbesi[at]gmail[dot]com

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26 @shirleyyu

I am a social blogger who blogs about food, travel, beauty and lifestyle at www.shirley.my.

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27 @Xin A Day

I'm a blogger based in Kuala Lumpur and I mainly blog about food, travel and lifestyle in Mandarin. For more information: http://www.xinaday.com/about-me-2/

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28 @EuniceC

Licenced drug dealer in training by day & a blogger by night. Food. Fashion. Beauty. Travel. Lifestyle

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29 @Joanne Cheah

My Simple Lifestye http://mysimplelifestylehere.blogspot.my/ A Malaysia Blogger

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30 @Choi Yen

Founder of www.choiyen.com, a food, travel , parenting & lifestyle blog.

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31 @fadzirazak

I am a wife, a mother, a housewife, a food hunter, a traveler, a writer, a DIY-er and a fashion addict. I am a full-time lifestyle blogger and an enthusiastic opportunist. I prefer writing than talking. Writing is my therapy in life.


32 @baztan

Hi, I'm Baz, a travel & lifestyle blogger based in Kuala Lumpur, I blog about my experiences at www.imbaztan.com and I do social media postings at instagram as well, you can find me at my username baztan.

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33 @wonderqueentv

I'm a Youtuber and Blogger. Mainly focus in food, travel, beauty, fashion and more lifestyle topics!

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34 @ayueidris

Recommended by: @nicolekws

Hi, I am Ayue. I'm Malaysian Blogger based at Selangor. I love to write about Beauty, Food, and Lifestyle. Since 2013, there are more than 450 entries in Ayue Idris’s site and currently, travel and tech have been added in my site niche also.

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35 @Neeza02

21. Instagram @neeza02. A Malaysian lady who is originally from Johor Darul Takzim now studying in Bachelor (Hons) of Applied Language English for Professional Communication. A part time writer and blogger www.neezalife.com.

Img 5541

36 @bubblynotes

Working Mommy Blogger of 1 (a boy). I blog about everything that moms love...mommyhood, beauty, fashion, health, food, tech and travel. Being a mom of 1 young kids, I like to find a balance between blogging about family related topics and things that are just for mom :) My blogs primary objective is to share my experiences with my readers, so it might help them with anything similar they may be experiencing, or to introduce them to new ideas. I blog from Selangor, Malaysia and have a preschooler toddler.

Img 20160512 wa00232

37 @Kaklong

I'm a personal blogger. I share about daily life, hobby, DIY, health info, foods and recipe, reviewing products/service that I use and recommended to use.

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38 @Nova Leeza

I am a mummy blogger who wrote about my daily life, places that i go and dine, tips and info on parenting and product that i use. You can find me as interesting and fun to work along. I have a good vibe and always be positive ++

Img 20160730 111721

39 @Suzlin

I'm Suzlin. Lifestyle and Parenting blogger. From JB. Work at home mom. Ibu to lovely Baby Adam, Baby Iman and Baby Fateh. #Lifestyle #Parenting #Beauty #Health #Travel

Fb img 1466474197155

40 @Marou Apple Hijau

Hello there, im Tarmizi commonly lifestyle blogger based in Kuala Lumpur. Actively shout out lifestyle content including life hack, food, travel, event & gadget on blog www.budakbandunglaici.blogspot.com also thru various social media platform.

13769484 10209778127388533 5033053739638583948 n

41 @eldarwena

I'm lifestyle blogger from Penang. . Blog is my part time hobby and daily sharing is my top priority. I am a highly passionate about travel, beauty blogging, parenting, foodies, cooking, recipes, lifestyle, fashionista almost everything in my blog, IG and facebook.

Fb img 1466703444638

42 @Jessyying

Like to eat , travel , cook and discover the new things. I always share the info with my friends also :)

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43 @Aiin Baharom

A blogger who is highly skilled in creative writing in addition to having its own readers and followers . Interest in writing about food , beauty , fashion , gadgets and other parenting lifestyle


44 @Amy Syeera

I am a lifestyle and entertainment blogger. I am a total foodie, a movie enthusiast and a traveler. I love to review new products and services.

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45 @imjenniferlai

马来西亚 妈咪博客 分享美食•旅游•生活•妈妈经

13177250 10209605960972814 8557700398625614344 n

46 @aznorazizul

Web content has been my life ever since I graduated. Full time webmaster. Part time blogger. Enthusiastic web admin. Accepting adverts and review at the moment. Also available for paid blogging job.

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47 @angelpoiwoon

Recommended by: @nicolekws

A mummy blogger focus on Finance/ Food / Parenting / Product / Event review

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