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Dear Bloggers, 
We are looking for bloggers to write-up about Thinkbaby baby bottle/sippy/straw cup /Thinksport food tray / insulated bottle/ Yoga Mat.

This is a US well brand product cater for babies to adults. We will give out the product as rewards for review. 

The bloggers to be revolved around healthy lifestyle, sports, parenting, food bento and concern on safe feeding/drinking materials.

The Thinksport food tray and insulated bottle can be use for toddler, kids and adults.

Please tag your profile at this post if interested.

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  • Monday, August 22, 2016
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  • Malaysia
  • Closing Date:
  • Monday, September 05, 2016

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1 @jellysmommy

New to motherhood, beginner in photography, crocheting and some handy crafts. Loves to eat and will also post about places to eat with a toddler. 100% support breastfeeding and still breastfeeding little Jelly.

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2 @Arisa_Chow

Recommended by: @richard moh

A soon mom to be with a feisty and fun personality to boot. Not your average plain Jane next door, to me it's going all out for doing things you love. A Beauty, fashion, travel (Japan) & Lifestyle blogger who is always on a look out for interesting things to write about. Known as a veteran cosplayer of 11 years in the cosplay scene which gave me the opportunity to grow as a Fashion/ Costume Designer and blogger as well, worked with various brands & organizations like Japan Chiba Government, KOSE, Spotlight Malaysia, Rakuten, CANMAKE TOKYO, Okashi World and many more.

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3 @GaylenKaSai

Recommended by: @richard moh

I blog about stuff that interest me such as beauty product, clothes, events and such.

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4 @aiyeekoo17

Recommended by: @richard moh

Mummy blogger who enjoy food and parenting journey

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5 @dayverampas

A beauty junkie who blogs at www.dayverampas.com with a major in accountancy, and social marketing who blogs about her experience while using products or services. A wife and mom who is trying to get herself as healthy as possible, and a postgraduate student who loves skincare a lot especially when it comes to Korean skincare products. She is a fan of Korean, Taiwanese, Philippines, and Japanese dramas.


6 @Joanne Wee

Recommended by: @richard moh

Joanne Wee's Journey is about my journey, I am a food, beauty, travel, fashion, lifestyle blogger. Love to share my personal experiences; services/ foods/ style/ products I tried before. I am also a Web & Graphic Designer. For more details, you may email me personally. Thank you.

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7 @Linda

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a mommy blogger with 2 kids. My blog is at www.yeelinda.blogspot.my. I love to attend blogger events and bring my children to learn new things. My daughter's blog is at www.mel-happy-blog.blogspot.my

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8 @shamiera osment

Recommended by: @richard moh

A Malaysian Lifestyle and Parenting Blogger. A mother of two kids and a Graduated Master of Gastronomy. Definitely love everything about food, from cooking to eating it. Love travel, fashion, beauty too.

Img 20160430 155333

9 @Jessiekoo

Recommended by: @richard moh

An influencer and blogger mummy of 2 who loves most of the thing under the sun. I blog about beauty, travelling, event, food and life experiences after motherhood. Holding a Mrs Malaysia Beauty Ambassador 2012 and other pageant title has given me an opportunity to share my thoughts and experience with others especially married women. Having a William Syndrome girl is another milestone of learning as personal sharing has take parenthood to a different level.

Img 2124

10 @Windzanity

An actor and a lifestyle Blogger who explore and write with true heart! Feel happy to do all regarding lifestyle, beauty, travel and food. BLOG | windzneom.blogspot.com INSTAGRAM | WINDZ : Pwincewindz FACEBOOK FANS PAGE | https://www.facebook.com/Windzanity/ Tweet "hi" to me at TWITTER | windzneom8

Img 20150802 wa0006

11 @Joysofyz

Lifestyle blogger from KL currently studying in Singapore. I blog about mostly beauty products and have advertised for a few companies including Althea, The Entertainer, LINE event etc. IG: instagram.com/joysofyz Blog: http://joysofyz.blogspot.sg

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12 @betliew

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am Lifestyle blogger and easy to be approached for any events.

Img 9044

13 @CikLilyPutih

Recommended by: @richard moh

lifestyle blogger who loves event, beauty, food and travel


14 @mymontessoridiary

We run a lifestyle parenting that encourage learning through play with lots of laughter in our household.

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15 @Ivianathui

Recommended by: @richard moh

Single mother of 1 boy. Crazy about beauty, fashion and everything pretty.

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16 @adeline_miller

Beauty, Fashion and Parent Blogger @ http://www.adeline-miller.weebly.com


17 @imsinnee

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a lifestyle blogger who interested in food, travel, beauty and fashion. I would love to have any collaboration.

Ian   daddy

18 @elihjapahar

I'm a blogger of www.elihjapahar.com and social media influences, love to share with readers on the best baby product, best shopping tips, parenting, lifestyle and personal opinion on interesting topics.

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19 @Eirna Nurasikin

Recommended by: @richard moh

Lifestyle,Food and Travel Blogger

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20 @Sherrygo

Recommended by: @richard moh

Ectopic mommy of two boys, love to blog of parenting, lifestyle, beauty, movie, workshop, health and family events and others


21 @iamsinyee

Recommended by: @richard moh

Food, travel, beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Kuala Lumpur. Accept sponsorship and willing to collaborate with brands and PRs in cash term or products only.

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22 @fadzirazak

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a wife, a mother, a housewife, a food hunter, a traveler, a writer, a DIY-er and a fashion addict. I am a full-time lifestyle blogger and an enthusiastic opportunist. I prefer writing than talking. Writing is my therapy in life.


23 @MumsnBabies

Recommended by: @richard moh

Singapore Parenting, Lifestyle & Food Blogger. A mum who loves to capture every beautiful moment spent with her kids. Mums&babies is my memory lane for years to come! Ranked as top and most popular mom blogger in Singapore.


24 @Salmatayo

I am Salma. A major art and design lover. I am a wife to one loving husband and a mother to two awesome boys.Owner of www.sharatulsalmaothman.blogspot.my


25 @cre8tone

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Parenting, Kids, Beauty Art blogger...


26 @YeeZin88

I am an ex-nurse and a mummy of 1 baby. I blog about skincare / beauty.

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27 @aliafarhan

Recommended by: @richard moh

Love to blog about what i love, cooking, travel, beauty products, parenting and many more.

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28 @Fieza Sani

From Malaysia. Fulltime working & part time blogging. Love to blog about anything but my focus more on lifestyle, beauty. Need to promote your product/service, do contact me.

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29 @pamelaybc

Recommended by: @richard moh

A Malaysian Food Blogger ( husband and wife) that blogs about Food, Travel, Hotel, Lifestyle ad more

Pharmist cartoon

30 @AngelaChan

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a chemist @ [mytownpharmacy.blogspot.com] who blog about pharmacy & health, food & travel and lifestyles experiences.

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31 @clwy97

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm a mother of two little boys and love to share latest news to my readers from a variety of topics such as beauty, food, parenting and so forth!

13087318 10153492331486669 6612822422565562130 n

32 @wendypua

~ I am a lifestyle Blogger (http://www.wendypua.com/) based Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ~ Who knows how to really enjoy the moment telling it from a first hand experience and share it on this blog! ~ Love to discover new things, new cafes, new place around the world!

Img 20160813 123627

33 @mimi azirah

Recommended by: @richard moh

Mom to two little girls and a boy. Down to earth person and honest when doing my job. Write about beauty, parenting, lifestyle and personal story also.

Img 20160730 111721

34 @Suzlin

I'm Suzlin. Lifestyle and Parenting blogger. From JB. Work at home mom. Ibu to lovely Baby Adam, Baby Iman and Baby Fateh. #Lifestyle #Parenting #Beauty #Health #Travel

Img 20160103 wa0009

35 @tashaqisha

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a Health, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger. Love nature and extreme sport. do visit my blog tashaqisha.com

Img 20160802 230617

36 @yanayani

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a mother of two. A part time blogger. I normally write about personal, parenting & lifestyle.


37 @Cekgunorazimah

I'm Cekgu Norazimah. Education & LIfestyle Blogger. Please visit here www.cekgunorazimah.com

Img 5541

38 @bubblynotes

Working Mommy Blogger of 1 (a boy). I blog about everything that moms love...mommyhood, beauty, fashion, health, food, tech and travel. Being a mom of 1 young kids, I like to find a balance between blogging about family related topics and things that are just for mom :) My blogs primary objective is to share my experiences with my readers, so it might help them with anything similar they may be experiencing, or to introduce them to new ideas. I blog from Selangor, Malaysia and have a preschooler toddler.

20160625 085602

39 @cikzacom

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm cikza, from lifestyle blogger.. I also cover for food review, advertorial and product review. For collaboration, or review just email me.

Img 20160429 123936

40 @Afizah

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a Supermom with 4 Superkids. Full time worker, part time blogger. I love blogging. I love to write about personal, parenting & lifestyle.


41 @nadratulsyazwana

A blogger who talks about lifestyle, food, beauty and travel 💕 Im 22, a full time student and part time blogger. Has been blogging since 2010 and Im addicted to it 😂


42 @Aiin Baharom

Recommended by: @richard moh

Malay blogger who loves to write about event, review, beauty, lifestyle, parenting, healthy and others .

12039597 10206883475579836 9037186953225784980 n

43 @Kitepunye

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm a blogger of www.kitepunye.com and social media influencer Mummy of 2kids, love to share with readers on the best food, best place for travelling, parenting and of course on latest event or latest product in town.

Idbhatfs normal

44 @angelpoiwoon

Recommended by: @richard moh

A mummy blogger focus on Finance/ Food / Parenting / Product / Event review


45 @Azilah72

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm lifestyle blogger. I blog about anything that interest me and i found it good to share with other. My blog is in Bahasa Melayu. Blog is my part time hobby and daily sharing is my top priority. I also like to share recipe , places that i visited and product review.

Default profile 5

46 @Azkee84

Recommended by: @richard moh

Artist, children book ilustrator and writer in my blog www.artyazkee.com. passion about arts, diy crafts,chidren's book and writing

2015 12 05 23.21.00

47 @jueliza

Recommended by: @richard moh

Im Mama Jue Blogger. Malaysian & Lifestyle Blogger - Food Review, Parenting, Event, Product Review, Influencer & Collaboration.

Img 20160325 195058

48 @kolin zainal

Recommended by: @richard moh

a malay blogger with a lot of passion in writing for sharing.

Fb img 1469113590925

49 @Venny Lee

Recommended by: @richard moh

Full time working mum with 2 kids. Always look for new thing to try out and spend time with family.

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50 @Lea Azleeya

Recommended by: @richard moh

Hi.. I am Lea Azleeya.. Call me Lea... I'm Malaysian blogger based in Pahang... Blogging since Jun 2013.. My blog about lifestyle, personal, parenting, healthy, review, food and also beauty...

Photo 2016 04 15 07 47 05

51 @sitirohaida

Owner at blog kisahsidairy.com Love to blog about personal,lifestyle,product review and collaboration and also advertorial

Fb img 1466703444638

52 @Jessyying

Like to eat , travel , cook and discover the new things. I always share the info with my friends also :)

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53 @Nadia Johari

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a blogger, housewife, and a parenting blogger.

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