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Recommended Influencers

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1 @yati292

Recommended by: @richard moh

Saya HAYATI. Part time blogger dan aktif di kawasan utara iaitu, kedah, penang, perlis & perak utara. Blog tentang lifestyle, vacation, resepi dan juga tentang isu-isu semasa. Boleh di katakan apa saja yang terlintas di fikiran...

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2 @natalielim15

I love sharing and review. I would like to review things from various respective. I write about product review, launching event, lifestyle and DIY.

Makeup 20160804111053 save

3 @Lea Azleeya

Recommended by: @richard moh

Hi.. I am Lea Azleeya.. Call me Lea... I'm Malaysian blogger based in Pahang... Blogging since Jun 2013.. My blog about lifestyle, personal, parenting, healthy, review, food and also beauty...


4 @Carolinelzt

Recommended by: @richard moh

Im a lifestyle blogger which blog whatever i want whenever I want. I am a gym freak, I lift weight and sport a lot. I also eat a lot like a lot. Im sns addicted, I update a lot on my personal FB and IG.

Fb img 1466703444638

5 @Jessyying

Recommended by: @richard moh

Like to eat , travel , cook and discover the new things. I always share the info with my friends also :)


6 @cre8tone

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Parenting, Kids, Beauty Art blogger...


7 @janiceyeap

Recommended by: @richard moh

Has a passion for blogging about beauty, health- and fitness-related, lifestyle and many more. Love to widen the knowledge by improving on certain skills such as makeup skills and so on.


8 @Salmatayo

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am Salma. A major art and design lover. I am a wife to one loving husband and a mother to two awesome boys.Owner of

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9 @SelinaWing

I am first Deaf Blogger from Malaysia. I enjoyed to explore everything's new about food, tech, and many..! Email me if you want to work with me :)

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10 @fadzirazak

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a wife, a mother, a housewife, a food hunter, a traveler, a writer, a DIY-er and a fashion addict. I am a full-time lifestyle blogger and an enthusiastic opportunist. I prefer writing than talking. Writing is my therapy in life.

13245457 1153688527986632 4151243167084425700 n

11 @Zayani Zulkiffli

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a lifestyle blogger and I offer services like review on products, food, travel and anything that suit my blog niche. Please reach me via email for any collaboration. P/S: I write in Malay language only. ^_____^

Img 2327

12 @anfaalR

A Malaysian Blogger / Vlogger & Youtuber.

Img 20160408 093749

13 @Pehggiez_Chu

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am lifestyle, food and beauty blogger. My Blog link is


14 @carerynn

Recommended by: @richard moh

A petite blogger based in Johor Bahru who is passionate about all things beauty, fashion, food & generally about living a healthy & happy lifestyle.

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15 @Apple Berry

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm a foodie with lots of love and foods everywhere. I do explore more in Travels, love myself in Beauty and happiness in Lifestyle. Foodilicious ^.^v

Img 20160802 230617

16 @yanayani

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a mother of two. A part time blogger. I normally write about personal, parenting & lifestyle.

12391011 10153465235064331 9100998315902615346 n

17 @NicoleYie

I'm a blogger from Penang but currently based in KL, Malaysia. I usually blog about beauty review with honest opinions. Besides, I also share about lifestyle post and food review! When I'm feeling it, I'll share my OOTD and some fashion tips I discovered!


18 @zatiesuhaide

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm a lifestyle, personal, food and beauty blogger.

Default profile 3

19 @miss zyaroses

Recommended by: @richard moh

lifestyle blogger

Zaza pic

20 @zazaiman

Recommended by: @richard moh

i like makeup and cat :)


21 @Cekgunorazimah

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm Cekgu Norazimah. Education & LIfestyle Blogger. Please visit here

20160210 163412

22 @shirleyyu

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a social blogger who blogs about food, travel, beauty and lifestyle at


23 @Shin May

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm a travel and lifestyle blogger~ I like to explore new things ~

13256399 1153566694693407 6109268441402843082 n

24 @Linda

I am a mommy blogger with 2 kids. My blog is at I love to attend blogger events and bring my children to learn new things. My daughter's blog is at

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25 @Tenshichn

Recommended by: @richard moh

A malaysian blogger into traveling, cafe hopping, fashion and beauty regime!

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26 @Trislynn

Recommended by: @richard moh

Blogger from Malaysia. Focus on beauty, food and travel.

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27 @aiyeekoo17

Recommended by: @richard moh

Mummy blogger who enjoy food and parenting journey

Img 20160103 wa0009

28 @tashaqisha

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a Health, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger. Love nature and extreme sport. do visit my blog

Default profile 2

29 @elliecleffairy

Recommended by: @richard moh

Traveler, editor and a novelist.

Default profile 4

30 @NurAlja

Recommended by: @richard moh

Hi, My name is Nur Alja and age 21. Im covering review or event for Food, fashion, lifestyle and Beauty. I'm Malaysian Blogger.

429814 10150845991028345 1921350819 n

31 @RainFall

Recommended by: @richard moh

A Deaf blogger passions for food, travel, lifestyle and beauty. Message / Email to get collaborate with me on work.

Geozo profile photo

32 @geozo wong

Recommended by: @richard moh

a lifestyle blogger .Blogging about lifestyle,beauty,food , traveling, parenting , motherhood.

Img 20160325 195058

33 @kolin zainal

Recommended by: @richard moh

a malay blogger with a lot of passion in writing for sharing.


34 @janicesn0w

Recommended by: @richard moh

Hi I'm Janice. I normally blog about food and my travel trips. As a skincare and cosmetic addict, I am starting to blog about beauty more. Japanese at heart because I love everything about Japan! Blog at

Default profile 1

35 @cikna136

Recommended by: @richard moh

Nice person with multipurpose topics. Need review can email me k...;-)

13606822 1216264911725458 3335502572269787510 n

36 @tiffanylee

Recommended by: @richard moh

Hi everyone! I am a lifestyle, beauty and food blogger and I blogged at

10009325 614830068592025 208690934 n

37 @addictedjiajia

Recommended by: @richard moh

Food, Travel, Lifestyle -

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38 @Sherrygo

Recommended by: @richard moh

Ectopic mommy of two boys, love to blog of parenting, lifestyle, beauty, movie, workshop, health and family events and others

13239994 10154260008037975 3476274928956462184 n

39 @betliew

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am Lifestyle blogger and easy to be approached for any events.

Beautyplus 20160206004444 save

40 @Perhaps Juneci

Recommended by: @richard moh

Writing about beauty and lifestyle has always been my passion. Here in my blog, I live my dreams and thanks for visiting my humble world.


41 @Kimberlyyyckk

My name is Kimberly Chan. I like sharing topics related to lifestyle, travel, fashion, beauty and food. This is my blog


42 @nadratulsyazwana

A blogger who talks about lifestyle, food, beauty and travel 💕 Im 22, a full time student and part time blogger. Has been blogging since 2010 and Im addicted to it 😂


43 @serahlim

A free spirited one who loves cooking and food paired with a little of fashion and beauty; enjoying life's offerings. Did I mentioned I love all furry animals? I love to surround myself with wonderful things in life.

12120097 10153839972069374 5883014910042321067 o

44 @myhearttots

I'm a new lifestyle blogger. Do feel free to let me write for you on my blog. I will do the first 10 blog post for free. I have 3 cats and knows every much about cats products. I also love to travel and I love apps application as well. Message me anytime.


45 @candyumii

Hi, I'm Candy and I'm a lifestyle blogger. My blog is mainly where I share my travel experiences, new beauty products discoveries as well as yummy food!

13713478 10153959521374495 325054591 n

46 @LifeofWV

Life of WV will feature monthly Look Books, Vlogs and Beauty & Lifestyle as well as some additional Gaming Videos! Stay tuned for more! Next and upcoming video will be Summer Look Book Video~~

Img 20160429 123936

47 @Afizah

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a Supermom with 4 Superkids. Full time worker, part time blogger. I love blogging. I love to write about personal, parenting & lifestyle.


48 @Azilah72

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm lifestyle blogger. I blog about anything that interest me and i found it good to share with other. My blog is in Bahasa Melayu. Blog is my part time hobby and daily sharing is my top priority. I also like to share recipe , places that i visited and product review.

Default profile 5

49 @Clumsyk.Blogspot

Recommended by: @richard moh

food food food!

Default profile 3

50 @Eirna Nurasikin

Recommended by: @richard moh

Lifestyle,Food and Travel Blogger

20160629 223827

51 @Nova Leeza

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a mummy blogger who wrote about my daily life, places that i go and dine, tips and info on parenting and product that i use. You can find me as interesting and fun to work along. I have a good vibe and always be positive ++

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52 @leeyann

Recommended by: @richard moh

A little nightingale that love to forward beauty and healthy lifestyle. As of it, 'missy forward beauty' is created by Lee Yann.

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53 @bbxemily

Recommended by: @richard moh

i cover almost everything in lifestyle, thus i will not be picky when it comes to writing selection. i hope to be able to write different things in different aspects allowing me to venture more in the writing industry.

Image %282%29

54 @flyingindance

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am one of the Malaysia Hottest Bloggers, a freelance artist, and a Ph.D. student.

1936466 1116660831687243 3207363471274880084 n

55 @Akupenghibur

Recommended by: @richard moh

owner at and winner Best Lifestyle Blog 2014/2015 Media Social Week Malaysia

Default profile 1

56 @Syira Lokman

Recommended by: @richard moh

Hye, im a blogger, media influencer, book writer, copywriter, student. I write about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and I accept any paid review to help advertise a product. My blog has been published in newspapers and magazines, more than 8 times. Thank you !

13516410 1070741306330209 7670900433806587685 n

57 @Daniellelpy

Recommended by: @richard moh

An experience blogger who started blogging since year 2008. Mainly blog about skincare, travel and food review. Visit my blog to know more about me:

Fb img 1469766577140

58 @aRzMoHa

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm am arzmoha writer at and sharing about personal lifestyle, photography and parenting.

Fb img 1469113590925

59 @Venny Lee

Recommended by: @richard moh

Full time working mum with 2 kids. Always look for new thing to try out and spend time with family.

Img 2124

60 @Windzanity

Recommended by: @richard moh

An actor and a lifestyle Blogger who explore and write with true heart! Feel happy to do all regarding lifestyle, beauty, travel and food. BLOG | INSTAGRAM | WINDZ : Pwincewindz FACEBOOK FANS PAGE | Tweet "hi" to me at TWITTER | windzneom8

20160625 085602

61 @cikzacom

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm cikza, from lifestyle blogger.. I also cover for food review, advertorial and product review. For collaboration, or review just email me.

Beautyplus 20160225105558 fast

62 @Joycesialni

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm a Part Time Lifestyle Blogger who covering beauty, fashion, entertainment, parenting & etc events..

Img 20160228 wa0019

63 @LyaAkif

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm Lya..Writer at ... Sharing About Personal,Lifestyle & Parenting.

Picsart 06 05 12.59.51

64 @reenasidek

Recommended by: @richard moh

Pemilik blog Blog berkisarkan Lifestyle, personal, kecantikan, tip, novel, masakan dan resepi serta review

Default profile 2

65 @Shetling

Recommended by: @richard moh

Food. Travel. Events

20160808 144239

66 @aliafarhan

Love to blog about what i love, cooking, travel, beauty products, parenting and many more.

13720521 10154451239868530 1555321493 o

67 @jellysmommy

New to motherhood, beginner in photography, crocheting and some handy crafts. Loves to eat and will also post about places to eat with a toddler. 100% support breastfeeding and still breastfeeding little Jelly.


68 @Aiin Baharom

Malay blogger who loves to write about event, review, beauty, lifestyle, parenting, healthy and others .

Img 9044

69 @CikLilyPutih

lifestyle blogger who loves event, beauty, food and travel

1623590 1446591502268440 4502209116607884651 n

70 @dayverampas

A beauty junkie who blogs at with a major in accountancy, and social marketing who blogs about her experience while using products or services. A wife and mom who is trying to get herself as healthy as possible, and a postgraduate student who loves skincare a lot especially when it comes to Korean skincare products. She is a fan of Korean, Taiwanese, Philippines, and Japanese dramas.


71 @YeeZin88

I am an ex-nurse and a mummy of 1 baby. I blog about skincare / beauty.

Fb img 1471931572921

72 @BudakVanilla

a blogger who write to express something. love photography and sharing about personal and lifestyle in blog :)


73 @imsinnee

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a lifestyle blogger who interested in food, travel, beauty and fashion. I would love to have any collaboration.

Img 5541

74 @bubblynotes

Working Mommy Blogger of 1 (a boy). I blog about everything that moms love...mommyhood, beauty, fashion, health, food, tech and travel. Being a mom of 1 young kids, I like to find a balance between blogging about family related topics and things that are just for mom :) My blogs primary objective is to share my experiences with my readers, so it might help them with anything similar they may be experiencing, or to introduce them to new ideas. I blog from Selangor, Malaysia and have a preschooler toddler.

Img 20160512 wa00232

75 @Kaklong

I'm a personal blogger. I share about daily life, hobby, DIY, health info, foods and recipe, reviewing products/service that I use and recommended to use. I have small online shop, if you need agent, just let me know ;). I am passionate of what I'm doing and like to challenge myself with new things.. :)

Img 0521

76 @qasehsu

Recommended by: @richard moh

A Blogger, novelist, part time writer who loves writing. Blogger for lifestyle, travel, food, healthy, beauty, parenting and events. A single parent with an autistic 9 year old son. Love everything life can offer and sharing is satisfaction.

13265886 1039914892711104 6938699160942774928 n

77 @Aiminursyameem

Recommended by: @richard moh

Basically my blog covers for lifestyle, arts, foods, beauty products and personal life ♥

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