Looking for Malay side talents for advertisement video.


Side Talent Needed!
Malaysia AdvertisementĀ šŸŽ„šŸŽ¬

Shooting location: Taman Gembira, KL
Shooting date: 4th November 2017
Call time: 10:30amĀ 
Race: Malay

Those interested candidates please send your details to vivianxuan.0725@gmail.com OR whatapss to 014 339 5580

Please provide us :Ā 
1. Recent photo with full and half body (No Selfie)
2. Full name, Age, Height, Weight

Role Requirement:Ā 
1) Malay FemaleĀ 
Visual age: 18 - 25 years old
Roles: E-commerce Seller
Requirements: No shy to camera

  • Created on:
  • Thursday, October 26, 2017
  • Country:
  • Malaysia
  • Closing Date:
  • Monday, October 30, 2017

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