Hello! Looking for hijabista influencers or muslim women beauty bloggers to review a local beauty product, KISEKI Hair Mist. 

KISEKI Hair Mist is made specifically for women with hijab who loves their hair and care for their beauty from top to toe. The idea of KISEKI is to help your hair maintains its freshness while leaving it fragrant even after you're out for the whole day. And yes, even those who don't wear hijab can use the hair mist too! 

KISEKI Hair Mist entered the market in early 2017 and this product has received good feedbacks from our customers as well as agents of KISEKI Hair Mist. Most of our users are hijab women and they agreed that using the hair mist has helped to lessen their hair problems (mainly hair fall, hair odour, dull hair) only with a few sprays of the hair mist before starting their day. 

We are looking for influencers with these qualities: 

  • Hijab & Muslim women

  • Single / Married

  • Age 20 - 30 

  • Have an acceptable number of followers 

  • Youthful, energetic, outgoing

  • Healthy and active lifestyle

If you are accepted as our influencer, your will need to write an honest review of KISEKI Hair Mist after 1 month of using it daily. The terms, sponsors and payment will be further discussed upon agreement. Additionally, we will be using the face of our influencers for our product marketing materials (online & offline). 

If you are interested to apply, provide your social media account details, blog links, personal write up or other necessary information and drop me an e-mail at farah@mechanikos.com

Thank you! :)  

  • Created on:
  • Thursday, August 17, 2017
  • Country:
  • Malaysia
  • Closing Date:
  • Thursday, August 31, 2017

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I'm a personal blogger. I share about daily life, hobby, DIY, health info, foods and recipe, reviewing products/service that I use and recommended to use.

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8 @sishawa

I am a fulltime blogger and fulltime housewife who like to write and cook. I'm also a mother to 5 superkids. Ohya, I'm pragnent right now (baby no 6)... I like to write about parenting tips, beauty, fashion, food, mommy to be experience and lifestyle as a fulltime mommy.

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10 @Nova Leeza

I am a mummy blogger who wrote about my daily life, places that i go and dine, tips and info on parenting and product that i use. You can find me as interesting and fun to work along. I have a good vibe and always be positive ++

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Personal & Lifestyle Blogger. Owner uyulrosli.com. Freelance Photographer, Freelance Web and Graphic Designer.


12 @sitirohaida

Owner at blog kisahsidairy.com Mother of two sweeties.I am blog about personal,lifestyle,beauty,product review ,collaboration and advertorial


13 @tengkubutang

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im blogger from Perak.. my blog name is Sharing My Ceritera.. my blog is about personal life.. lifestyle , recipe, tips and all about my life.. i also do a review product..

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14 @Marsha82

I am mummy & blogger. Interested in travel,lifestyle, health & beauty blogger. Review product suit with my interest & niche. My details: Name: Nor Marshaliza binti Shaidan Url Blog: www.marsha-marshashahirnnia.blogspot.my FB: https://m.facebook.com/normarshaliza Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/marsha_jutawan/

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15 @Suzlin

I'm Suzlin. Lifestyle and Parenting blogger. From JB. Work at home mom. Ibu to lovely Baby Adam, Baby Iman and Baby Fateh. #Lifestyle #Parenting #Beauty #Health #Travel

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16 @zaira554

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17 @shfyqhazhr

a Malaysia blogger who talk about beauty & personal life

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19 @Cik Nor

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Hello.. I'm Cik Nor. Please visit me at : http://www.norminieza.blogspot.com

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20 @Wawa Ashihara

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My name is Wawa Ashihara. I am Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger. And I do review about food, beauty, health and product review. For advertorial or collaboration, please emailed me.

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21 @jueliza

Im Mama Jue Blogger. Malaysian & Lifestyle Blogger - Food Review, Parenting, Event, Product Review, Influencer & Collaboration.


22 @Cekgunorazimah

I'm Cekgu Norazimah. Education & LIfestyle Blogger. Please visit here www.cekgunorazimah.com

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23 @airah syahirah

Lifestyle and beauty blogger. I love to write about traveling and beauty tips or skincare. I do a lot of review about anything for example products, moview review, food review and of course hotels and places.


24 @Maisarah

I am Maisarah. My blog is about lifestyle and graphic design. Please visit here www.maisarahsidi.com

Picsart 09 19 08.08.50

25 @Aiin Baharom

A blogger who is highly skilled in creative writing in addition to having its own readers and followers . Interest in writing about food , beauty , fashion , gadgets and other parenting lifestyle

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26 @Lea Azleeya

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28 @atiehilmi dot com

i'm writing from bottom of my heart make the post unique as the way it should be.. i blog about beauty / health / travelling / food / life experiences / parenting / fashion.. come and visit : www.atiehilmi.com : whatsapp : 017 309 1865 ** smile **

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www.qasehdalia.com / lifestyle blogger

Unnamed %282%29

30 @nieylanadia

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31 @eldarwena

I'm lifestyle blogger from Penang. . Blog is my part time hobby and daily sharing is my top priority. I am a highly passionate about travel, beauty blogging, parenting, foodies, cooking, recipes, lifestyle, fashionista almost everything in my blog, IG and facebook.


32 @CikRose

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Hi. I'm Cik Rose. Blogger | Lifestyle, Review, Beauty, Health and personal. My blog : http://inilahrealitibukanfantasi.blogspot.com

Gambar tudung hijau

33 @ceritaita

Blogger who blog about parenting, veterinary and lifestyle. Start blogging from 2008. Visit me at www.ceritaita.com

Dsc 0026 edit

34 @syamimisaad

Recommended by: @mimi azirah

Hi, Saya Syamimi. Seorang Surirumah sepenuh masa serta, seorang blogger sepenuh masa. Mama kepada 2 orang cahaya mata. Jom singgah https://hanyadihatiku.blogspot.my

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