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Hello! My client and I would like to work with a few Singapore influencers to help garner shares and reads for a particular content that we've written and hosted on a website. 

Details below:

Dental-related product

To get as many shares and likes for the content. Simple!

Influencer Criteria

  • Looking for 50 Singaporean influencers who are able to read, share, and like a content. 

  • No specific number of followings required, just as long as you are willing to share the content on your Facebook page.

  • The post MUST appear public.

This is a paid engagement. For every share on Facebook, the influencer will receive a fee (Note: Only one share per influencer. Multiple shares and accounts do not count).

Shortlisted influencers will be contacted. 

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  • Monday, August 14, 2017
  • Country:
  • Singapore
  • Closing Date:
  • Monday, August 28, 2017

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Recommended Influencers


1 @RenaIs

Recommended by: @richard moh

A Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger who loves to try new stuff and share experience to the World.

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2 @Sarahatiq

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a Fashion Blogger based in Singapore. My Blog is mainly a style blog, it illustrates my love for styling outfits. I love experimenting with fashion and I am not afraid to mix high street and designer brands. I also really enjoy using colours and accessories to put outfits together. This is the link to my website - http://sarahatiq.com/

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3 @Ivianathui

Recommended by: @richard moh

Single mother of 1 boy. Crazy about beauty, fashion and everything pretty.

Photoshoot3   casual %288%29

4 @Joysofyz

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am Yunzi, a petite Taurus blogger from Malaysia but currently based in Singapore. I share BUDGET deals/lifestyle (hacks and tips), my stories related to my life, beauty, travel, food, photography, events, etc. Yunzi was featured on The Straits Times newspaper, Starngage media company and Famehitz media website. Head over to the "About" page to her blog to read more about the interviews and features!


5 @msbabelovebebes

Recommended by: @richard moh

Journal of a mummy, photographer, image consultant, pageant queen and influencer. I write on all beautiful things/moments in life. Life is short. Blessed single mummy of 3 beautiful angels. Love . Faith . Joy

Shub photo

6 @RainbowDiaries Blog

Recommended by: @richard moh

The journey of RainbowDiaries started off with a simple account on Orkut, Friendster then Facebook leading to creating groups and page that now boast of having more than 20000 members, followers and likes. Instagram followers of RainbowDiaries are more than 2000. I am a mom to my 2 wonderful kids, wife to my very supportive hubby, an IT professional and a multitasker. This multi-tasking ability makes me write RainbowDiaries - Parenting, Lifestyle and Food blog site.


7 @IreviewUread

Recommended by: @richard moh

More than a Beauty blogger, less than a YouTuber. Shi Hui or also known as IreviewUread, blogs about Beauty, Lifestyle and DIY tutorial on her site. Expanding her world from the blogsphere to the youtube-sphere, Shi Hui experiments with new things in front of the rolling camera in the corner of a room - the best way to do this. Follow her on her crazy adventures on IreviewUread.com

C360 2015 04 26 18 40 48 323

8 @pearlywerkz

Recommended by: @richard moh

Singapore Blogger and Social Media Influencer who blog about Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle, Food and Travel. Check out pearlywerkz.blogspot.sg for more details.

Instasize 2016 4   90467

9 @gilmangirl

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm a lifestyle blogger who blogs about food, fitness, dance, health and events. My blog is gilmangirl.livejournal.com and my Instagram handle is @gilmangirl

20746077 704044499801589 3828070774592116404 o

10 @Jeslynexsoh

Singapore Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion Reviews. Blogs at myfatpocket.com/jeslynexsoh

13434792 10154038801815020 5088379709044763710 n

11 @ginevi

Recommended by: @richard moh

i love to dance, blog, travel, eat and shop. read on my blog ginevi.com for everything under the sun

12301288 910103815749234 654246568 a

12 @sweetestsins

Recommended by: @richard moh

Patricia Tee is a freelance writer and blogger of SweetestSins (www.sweetestsins.blogspot.com) based in Singapore. Her specialty areas includes topics on beauty, travel and lifestyle.

Default profile 3

13 @Hazeldiary

Recommended by: @richard moh

Hazeldiary shares her food, travel and lifestyle journey wherever she goes.Most of the time she shares her adventures in Singapore and Johor Bahru as she is a Malaysian working in Singapore on weekdays.


14 @AngelusChan

Recommended by: @richard moh

I'm a 22 years old Blogger/ writer who loves to share about my experiences with the Internet. I'm passionate about food and healthy lifestyle.


15 @Dipmecocoa

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am lifestyle blogger who loves sharing new things in town with my friends via my social media platforms


16 @MumsnBabies

Recommended by: @richard moh

Singapore Parenting, Lifestyle & Food Blogger. A mum who loves to capture every beautiful moment spent with her kids. Mums&babies is my memory lane for years to come! Ranked as top and most popular mom blogger in Singapore. www.themumsandbabies.com

Default profile 3

17 @Sweet Memoirs

Recommended by: @richard moh

I am a family and lifestyle blogger at www.sweetmemoirs.com. I write about travel, food, beauty and wellness, shopping and basically everything in between.


18 @carerynn

A petite blogger who is passionate about all things beauty, fashion, travel, food & generally about living a healthy & happy lifestyle. Beauty, fashion & shopping addict!

10369480 357843311006203 652703763 a

19 @Michhysaurous

Recommended by: @richard moh

Content Creator for Food, Travel, Beauty & Whatever Else. I eat to live and live to travel the world with my beautiful self that no one else can judge me for.

Default profile 5

20 @liewmona

Beauty, Food, Travel, Lifestyle

Img 6146

21 @crayyzee

Recommended by: @richard moh

I have a passion for topics related to fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. I aim to share anything I find interesting through my blog to help my readers somehow.

Img 0631

22 @uyulrosli

Personal & Lifestyle Blogger. Owner uyulrosli.com. Freelance Photographer, Freelance Web and Graphic Designer.

Default profile 2

23 @Princess Neverland

Food, Fashion and Beauty! I'm an avid photographer!

Default profile 4

24 @xkiyora

Recommended by: @richard moh

My blog is mainly beauty-based but I also share my daily musings as fashion / food / traveling / cats / music... etc

13438951 10153949337189900 5207785599943456207 n

25 @JeremiahTeoh

Recommended by: @richard moh

I strongly believe everyone concerns about their appearance. Thus, I'm here, go to work, go back sleep,eat play repeat but with a little twist, I attend events and influence too! I'm here sharing my experience of how skincare, cosmetic (perfumes, make-up), diet and activities through my little big space on the blog. Self proclaim men's product junkie, lifestyle, fashion and even travel...Sooner...I'll be BEAUANDERLUST! (that's beauty wander lust..if that even make sense to you)

Img 1534

26 @PrayerFull Mum

Recommended by: @richard moh

A Singapore Mum Blogger, who is interested in products for children and in family & lifestyle products engagements: http://prayerfullmum.net

Default profile 2

27 @Kelynnstory

Recommended by: @richard moh

Cover from head to toe.


28 @EverestSays

Recommended by: @richard moh

EverestSays.com is a curation of the love of fashion, travel and life.


29 @sitirohaida

Owner at blog kisahsidairy.com Mother of two sweeties.I am blog about personal,lifestyle,beauty,product review ,collaboration and advertorial


30 @Mar Mansor

Recommended by: @sitirohaida

I am a mother to 2 kids. I have daughter age 5 years old and son age 1 year 7 months. My blog more to personal, lifestyle and parenting. I am writing what I want. Also, writing a review product.

Img 20160730 111721

31 @Suzlin

Recommended by: @sitirohaida

I'm Suzlin. Lifestyle and Parenting blogger. From JB. Work at home mom. Ibu to lovely Baby Adam, Baby Iman and Baby Fateh. #Lifestyle #Parenting #Beauty #Health #Travel

Default profile 1

32 @ernzlim

Recommended by: @richard moh

Live life, a guy that appreciate every experiential opportunities that come by, always up to give anything a try until proven otherwise.

Default profile 2

33 @lihuijapanlove

Recommended by: @richard moh

Singapore Lifestyle blogger Brands Ambassador

16422422 10211990660071621 7757825071744161370 o

34 @Kasihjuju

I'm a full-time working mom and part-time blogger at www.kasihjuju.com. I'm interested in write a review about beauty products, foods, food supplements, lifestyle blogger. I also love to travel.

20161012 142935

35 @Hernee Nazir

Recommended by: @sitirohaida

Full-time Working Mom, Part-time Blogger & Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. I blog about parenting, lifestyle, review, food, recipes, travel, tips, breastfeeding and etc. Come & visit my blog http://herneenazir.com

Img 6446

36 @Zanthrea

Recommended by: @richard moh

Digital marketer and influencer based in Singapore. Mostly write and take photos of food and lifestyle.

13906846 10154549916033816 7908196554492589208 n

37 @adeline_miller

Recommended by: @richard moh

Beauty, Fashion and Parent Blogger @ http://www.adeline-miller.weebly.com Instagram: adeline_miller

Default profile 3

38 @thegracetan

Recommended by: @richard moh

Author, Blogger, Coach. I blog about business and lifestyle topics, including interviews with celebrities, millionaires and entrepreneurs.

20160904 130049

39 @Wawa Ashihara

My name is Wawa Ashihara. I am Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger. And I do review about food, beauty, health and product review. For advertorial or collaboration, please emailed me.

Default profile 1

40 @Dilah

Recommended by: @richard moh

Malaysian Parenting, Lifestyle & Food Blogger. I like to share my story in my blog about my kids, parenting, tips, travel, food and recipes. www.ceriteraibu.com

Default profile 5

41 @cecedingding

Recommended by: @Princess Neverland

Blogging spice up my routine working life.

13087784 1705278463080098 1142132051197192671 n

42 @saiwsiawlife

Recommended by: @richard moh

✔Travel旅行 ✔Photography摄影 ✔Food美食 ✔Accommodation住宿 ✔Lifestyle生活 ❤旅行❤攝影❤美食❤生活❤文字❤部落

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