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Hey! We're from Josu Marketing and we're looking for photo reviews for klairs Mochi BB Cushion,
Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion and Klairs Best Trial Kit (1 set consists of 8 samples).

Now here's what we're offering up for your honest review, check it out, it's super sweet:

Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion: https://www.hermo.my/mall/17073-klairs-mid-day-blue-sun-lotion-spf40-pa?ucf=card-box-search-page
Mochi BB Cushion Pact: https://www.hermo.my/mall/17607-klairs-mochi-bb-cushion?ucf=card-box-search-page

Klairs Best Trial Kit: http://www.wishtrend.com/skin-care/1601-klairs-best-trial-kit.html

Plus. We're offering the products listed above as well as RM50 for the product review.
Please respond within 24 hours and we'll contact you ASAP.
Trust us, we're fast liddat.

If you're interested, drop us your email to Asmaa at:

  • Created on:
  • Monday, July 31, 2017
  • Country:
  • Malaysia
  • Closing Date:
  • Wednesday, August 02, 2017

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Recommended Influencers

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1 @tashaqisha

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

I am a Beauty and Lifestyle blogger. Love nature and extreme sport. do visit my blog tashaqisha.com

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2 @Ayna Jalal

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

I'm a loving mother and wife who loves to talk about beauty, fashion and everything that I adore <3

12391011 10153465235064331 9100998315902615346 n

3 @NicoleYie

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

I'm a blogger from based in KL, Malaysia. I usually blog about beauty review with honest opinions. Besides, I also share about lifestyle post and food review! When I'm feeling it, I'll share my OOTD and some fashion tips I discovered!

Yan ru %28yanrula%29 2

4 @yanrula

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

------------------ || SKINCARE -||- FOOD -||- LIFESTYLE -||- FASHION || ------------------ I'm Yan Ru, a Malaysian living in Kuala Lumpur. I share reviews on SKINCARE products which I PERSONALLY tried and tested & recommend only those that I truly believe is great. I take most of my blog pictures myself and proof read all my posts before I make them live. I am obsessed with finding the best skincare products and sharing them with my readers. I feel privileged to also share my stories related to FOOD, FASHION & LIFESTYLE. Feel free to connect with me on social media! Check out brands I've worked with here: https://influence.co/yanrula

12598972 560819640752231 1036609930 a

5 @ohfishiee

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

Lifestyle blogger at www.ohfishiee.com

13109125 476611742537707 1634569601 a

6 @Sherrygo

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

Ectopic mommy of two boys, love to blog of parenting, lifestyle, beauty, movie, workshop, health and family events and others


7 @Shad

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

Hi, I'm Shad. 26 years old. I'm from Jitra Kedah, Malaysia. I'm passionate at beauty, travel, books, KDrama and Graphic Design. And I do love shopping. Love to review thing I passionate at and I want to share all the things I love to you!


8 @imsinnee

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

I am a lifestyle blogger who interested in food, travel, beauty and fashion. I would love to have any collaboration.

13256399 1153566694693407 6109268441402843082 n

9 @Linda

I am a mommy blogger with 2 kids. My blog is at www.yeelinda.blogspot.my. I love to attend blogger events and bring my children to learn new things. My daughter's blog is at www.mel-happy-blog.blogspot.my

12795395 10208811359902626 2301141146408753621 n

10 @shamiera osment

Recommended by: @ummizarra

A Malaysian Lifestyle and Parenting Blogger. A mother of two kids and a Graduated Master of Gastronomy. Definitely love everything about food, from cooking to eating it. Love travel, fashion, beauty too.

745ed7c9 ddd0 479a bb43 4c70236f6125   windows photo viewer

11 @leeyann

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

A little nightingale that love to forward beauty and healthy lifestyle. As of it, 'missy forward beauty' is created by Lee Yann.

Img 20160430 155333

12 @Jessiekoo

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

An influencer and blogger mummy of 2 who loves most of the thing under the sun. I blog about beauty, travelling, event, food and life experiences after motherhood. Holding a Mrs Malaysia Beauty Ambassador 2012 and other pageant title has given me an opportunity to share my thoughts and experience with others especially married women. Having a William Syndrome girl is another milestone of learning as personal sharing has take parenthood to a different level.

16427418 1251449101603291 8813598481982477762 n

13 @Absolute Yana

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

I am a lifestyle blogger that is filled with passion for exploring and sharing new experiences with my readers. Don't believe me, take a look at my website: www.absoluteyana.com

Picsart 05 05 07.53.36

14 @Fieza Sani

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

From Malaysia. Fulltime working & part time blogging. Love to blog about anything but my focus more on lifestyle, beauty. Need to promote your product/service, do contact me.


15 @atiehilmi dot com

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

i'm writing from bottom of my heart make the post unique as the way it should be.. i blog about beauty / health / travelling / food / life experiences / parenting / fashion.. come and visit : www.atiehilmi.com : whatsapp : 017 309 1865 ** smile **


16 @carerynn

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

A petite blogger who is passionate about all things beauty, fashion, travel, food & generally about living a healthy & happy lifestyle. Beauty, fashion & shopping addict!

Vietnam 4

17 @Mek Onie

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

Hai saya Mek Onie. Seorang blogger yang berkongsi tentang gaya hidup terkini, kecantikan, makanan dan melancong. Jom singgah ke www.mekonie.com untuk bacaan lanjut.

12524229 10154074732013908 7641503247523346132 n

18 @cindyrina

PrincessCindyrina is a Malaysia base blogger. She share her travel experience in her blog. She can't be travelling all the time.She needs to work and earn for living too.Days when not travelling she will writes on products mainly beauty and skin care related, sometimes gadget, food which she try not too because she is currently overweight and service review. She ain't angel. She rants occasionally.She is online shopaholic.

Img 4996

19 @Marsha82

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

I am mummy & blogger. Interested in travel,lifestyle, health & beauty blogger. Review product suit with my interest & niche. My details: Name: Nor Marshaliza binti Shaidan Url Blog: www.marsha-marshashahirnnia.blogspot.my FB: https://m.facebook.com/normarshaliza Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/marsha_jutawan/

Img 2442

20 @Janicekongg

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

I'm a social media influencer @janicekongg, initally a lifestyle blogger at janiceinthewonderland.blogspot.com but still occasionally writing on my blog. Kuching girl currently staying in KL. Interest: Fashion, travel, food, beauty & events ❤️️

Img 20160515 074100

21 @CherynTan

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

A plus size Malaysian girl who has the passion for all things fashion, beauty and travel. Come visit my plus size fashion blog www.cheryntan.com or my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/cheryntansy

12063193 977921405600287 1090572888 a

22 @sayaiday

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

Hi, I am Iday. I'm Malaysian Blogger based at Kuala Lumpur. Mula menulis blog sejak tahun 2009 and menulis tentang Travel, Food review, Movie, Resepi (I love masak) and Lifestyle. My husband, Islam is also author and personal photographer for my blog. Anyways, I talk too much and way too fast. Words running amok in my head. Writing/blogging helps me to organize and share my thoughts, so people can understand the world, the way that I see it.


23 @fatinamudz

I blog at www.theinfinitywords.blogspot.com where I share books, beauty, tips and personal post also. In short, I'm a Bookish & Lifestyle Blogger. contact me for further collaboration.


24 @ewenhooi

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

I am a travel, lifestyle, food and fashion blogger who likes to take on adventures and try new things. I love to collect experience especially unforgettable ones and share them through my writing. Check out my blog at http://ewenhooi.blogspot.my

Photo 2016 04 15 07 47 05

25 @sitirohaida

Owner at blog kisahsidairy.com Mother of two sweeties.I am blog about personal,lifestyle,beauty,product review ,collaboration and advertorial

2016 08 13 00.33.42 1

26 @MissBaNu

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

owner blog Miss BaNu Story, a blog about product reviews, travel, drama, inspiration, entertainment, fashion and happenings of my life


27 @nadratulsyazwana

A blogger who talks about lifestyle, food, beauty and travel 💕 Im 22, a full time student and part time blogger. Has been blogging since 2010 and Im addicted to it 😂

14681733 960342384095009 169983863256350247 n

28 @Sukibeiibii

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

Lifestyle Blogger, Malaysia artist - singer, program host, actress, Event organising.

20161012 142935

29 @Hernee Nazir

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

Full-time Working Mom, Part-time Blogger & Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. I blog about parenting, lifestyle, review, food, recipes, travel, tips, breastfeeding and etc. Come & visit my blog http://herneenazir.com

Makeup 20160804111053 save

30 @Lea Azleeya

Hi.. I am Lea Azleeya.. Call me Lea... I'm Malaysian blogger based in Pahang... Blogging since Jun 2013.. My blog about lifestyle, personal, parenting, healthy, review, food and also beauty...


31 @ciciocin

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

a lifestyle blogger, 25 years old Mommy to 3 kids, I write about food, hotel, lifetsyle, product, make up, fashion

Picsart 09 19 08.08.50

32 @Aiin Baharom

Recommended by: @ummizarra

A blogger who is highly skilled in creative writing in addition to having its own readers and followers . Interest in writing about food , beauty , fashion , gadgets and other parenting lifestyle

18485316 10207175190056440 8782500374895395040 n %281%29

33 @yvonne019

I'm a social influencer @msyvoonneeee based in Kuala Lumpur. I used to model and was one of the finalist in 8TV IWBAM 2016. And now I assist corporate in instagram marketing. I'm interested in fashion, travel, food, beauty & events.

12115445 990176407687473 2527977661236057065 n

34 @Joanne Cheah

A Malaysia Blogger || Beauty Care || Food || Life || Sharing || My Simple Lifestyle http://mysimplelifestylehere.blogspot.my/


35 @Lisa nurulain

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

HI, I'm Lisa , owner of www.ciksepet.com about Food , Beauty , Gadget , Info , technology and Lifestyle . Feel free please contact me to make collaboration .

Img 20150405 150422

36 @Tunsha Ayunie

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

I'm Malay blogger and I blog about health, food, and beauty. Other than that, I also do a product review.

17973710 1891084531149458 3368781679574438801 o

37 @shfyqhazhr

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

a Malaysia blogger who talk about beauty & personal life

Default profile 1

38 @lin liena

im a blogger personal/lifestyle/food/review http://mama3danish.blogspot.my

C360 2016 07 15 17 05 57 015

39 @annursyuhadah81

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

-A working mom of 2 kids. -Working in pharmaceutical field. -#themomblog, Parenting, breastfeeding, food, health & beauty.

Img 5331

40 @Jenny Ma

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

Malaysia Beauty, Fashion, Food, Travel, Event and Lifestyle Blogger

14800702 1295357140509326 1559859974 n

41 @DianaRashid

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

I'm lifestyle blogger from Malaysia .Interest in fashion and lifestyle. full-time housewife and give priority to family and writing a blog.

Default profile 3

42 @madihahdaisy

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

I am a Malaysian blogger. I love to review skincare products from Korean and others country. I am also like to blog about fashion especially Muslimah's fashion. Come and feel free to visit my lovely blog at http://madihahdaisy.blogspot.com/

Img 20160928 184606

43 @ummizarra

Let's work as a part time blogger. Start blogging since 2008 and my blog story about my daily sharing is my personal and priority. I am blogger lifestyle blogger, parenting, foodies, cooking, beauty, travel, recipes. Let's walk www.ummizarra.com

Default profile 1

44 @SharynnLing

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

I'm a part time blogger which based in Selangor. I am mainly cover on Beauty, Health, Travel and Lifestyle blogs!

Unnamed %282%29

45 @nieylanadia

I am Lifestyle blogger.MY blog about food, skincare/beauty products.


46 @Koey Leow

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

Beauty lifestyle fashion blogger & youtuber from Malaysia! Has over 8 years of experience in blogging and 3 years experience in YouTube platform

Img 20160430 151608

47 @lichuen

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

Lifestyle blogger who mainly covers beauty, food & fashion. Blog: www.strings-of-memories.blogspot.com Instagram: @lichuen

Default profile 2

48 @nnjiah

Recommended by: @Josu Marketing

love to share about healthy,beauty,religion and sell muslimah attire

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