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Dear all, is a free social product experience platform. We have upcoming of hundred products from our suppliers to be experience from, for free.

We are looking for influencers to:
1. Spread the news for our upcoming platform
2. Experience & feel the received products. And, write a short review and provide rating based on given metrics.

In return:
1. You may get the product(s) for free or
2. Additional free credits for VIP items or
3. Cash (introductory blog)
The payment method will be discussed and agreed before the execution.

We are looking forward to work with you, please do not hesitate to reach us:

  • Created on:
  • Monday, March 20, 2017
  • Country:
  • Malaysia
  • Closing Date:
  • Monday, April 03, 2017

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Recommended Influencers

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1 @shirleyyu

I am an influencer cum blogger who blogs about food, travel, beauty, lifestyle and tends to influence people around at Feel free to contact me for collaboration.

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2 @Woan Koon

Recommended by: @SelinaWing

I am deaf cheerful blogger who has a passion to blogging for food, travel, event, marathon, social media technology and many more


3 @Emma Soh

A classcial pianist who blogs for beauty, travel and lifestyle related articles.

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4 @janechua18

I am a professional working Mom blogger at I love to bring my children to explore and experience something new that will help them up in their growing up period and to help out all parents out there to be a better parents updated with all the latest information and opportunities.


5 @Joanne Wee

Recommended by: @anfieldyee

Joanne Wee's Journey is about my journey, I am a food, beauty, travel, fashion, lifestyle blogger. Love to share my personal experiences; services/ foods/ style/ products I tried before. I am also a Web & Graphic Designer. For more details, you may email me personally. Thank you.


6 @Bee Lee C

Based in Seremban, Subang and Klang. I love to record and share my experiences in regards to skincare products, services, food, travel, and games. Co-owns and manages e-commerce platform by day and blog during my free time ( ^^

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7 @SelinaWing

I am first Deaf Blogger from Malaysia. I love to explore everything are new about Food, Tech, Events, Hotel and many..! I'm crazy about playing my games on PC, mobile and PS3. I also founder of Deaf Boleh! Malaysia, which are a portal news & events between Deaf and Hearing community. I enjoy to teach you to learn the sign language. Email me if you want to work with me :) I'll love it!

13413128 10210068053888527 6465010350656053793 n

8 @JessicaTan2511

I am a cancer research Ph.D. But I am more commonly known as a foodie as I am constantly on the search for great food, I love all things beauty-related and I am always checking out latest release in the market. Head over to my blog to witness my love affair with food, fashion and beauty, as well as other love in between!

12524229 10154074732013908 7641503247523346132 n

9 @cindyrina

PrincessCindyrina is a Malaysia base blogger. She share her travel experience in her blog. She can't be travelling all the time.She needs to work and earn for living too.Days when not travelling she will writes on products mainly beauty and skin care related, sometimes gadget, food which she try not too because she is currently overweight and service review. She ain't angel. She rants occasionally.She is online shopaholic.

13239994 10154260008037975 3476274928956462184 n

10 @betliew

I am Lifestyle blogger and easy to be approached for any events. I blog about food, skincare/beauty products, fashion, travel, events and gadget. Love to share my experience with my readers and friends.

Fb img 1443736180341

11 @sweetpeareen

Recommended by: @Jellybean_star

I'm lifestyle blogger who loves food, coffee, fashion, beauty, movies and travel as well as going to an event. I'm compassionate, bubbly, outgoing, outspoken and quirky.

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12 @aiyeekoo17

Recommended by: @Jessiekoo

Mummy blogger who enjoy food and parenting journey

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13 @Linda

I am a mommy blogger with 2 kids. My blog is at I love to attend blogger events and bring my children to learn new things. My daughter's blog is at

11324501 1581197965482629 411523403 a

14 @alizasara

Hi, Im Sara, a video game-playing, cat-hoarding, beauty addict. I am also a petite fashion lover who dreams of venturing into the fashion industry one day. Blogs about fashion, travel, beauty, food, & life.

Img 20160320 wa0001

15 @Jellybean_star

I'm a Lifestyle Blogger who loves fashion, music, film, arts, food & coffee.

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16 @ninajemail

A hiking enthusiast - travelling on a monthly basis. Landed myself in a tech company - managing content and a lot more! :)

Img 20160430 155333

17 @Jessiekoo

An influencer and blogger mummy of 2 who loves most of the thing under the sun. I blog about beauty, travelling, event, food and life experiences after motherhood. Holding a Mrs Malaysia Beauty Ambassador 2012 and other pageant title has given me an opportunity to share my thoughts and experience with others especially married women. Having a William Syndrome girl is another milestone of learning as personal sharing has take parenthood to a different level.


18 @janicesn0w

Hi I'm Janice. I normally blog about food and my travel trips. As a skincare and cosmetic addict, I am starting to blog about beauty more. Japanese at heart because I love everything about Japan! Blog at


19 @Joysofyz

A Malaysian based in Singapore. I blog about lifestyle, skincare/beauty, food and travel, apps/events related posts. I love taking beautiful photos too. Everything is a 100% honest review based on my own experience. I can blog in both Chinese and English.

Sam 3566

20 @minniechang

I'm Minnie from Malaysia and currently write on I strive to portray positive vibes through my blog discussing about topics that interest me: travel, food and fashion.


21 @perutbesi

I'm mainly a food blogger, who focuses on food/restaurant reviews & write-ups, travel (and food at the places where I travel, of course!), & any products/events that revolve around food/drinks/edible products/health. I love sharing information with my readers, especially places for good food that's "pocket-friendly". You'll notice that my blog posts have very detailed information on the product/food/place reviewed instead of just pretty pictures as I love coupling well-captured photos with informative descriptions. Check out my food & travel adventures at Blog: Insta: @perutbesi Email: perutbesi[at]gmail[dot]com


22 @tengkubutang

im blogger from Perak.. my blog name is Sharing My Ceritera.. my blog is about personal life.. lifestyle , recipe, tips and all about my life.. i also do a review product..

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23 @Fieza Sani

From Malaysia. Fulltime working & part time blogging. Love to blog about anything but my focus more on lifestyle, beauty. Need to promote your product/service, do contact me.

Fb img 1471931572921

24 @BudakVanilla

a blogger who write to express something. love photography and sharing about personal and lifestyle in blog. blogged in malay and english. love to share everything that will brings positive vibes. owner of :3


25 @ciciocin

a lifestyle blogger, 25 years old Mommy to 3 kids, I write about food, hotel, lifetsyle, product, make up, fashion


26 @anfieldyee

An IT girl who willing to go the extra miles just to experience different culture and good local food. I'm a comic blogger who blogs mainly about Travel, Food, Football and sometimes apps, movie and beauty products review. For collaboration, feel free to contact me.

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27 @Hidayah Anne

I am a part-time blogger and Youtubers. Currently, you will see only makeup tutorials and my pet's stories in my channel. But, I am interested in a lot of things such as beauty, pet, fashion, travel, DIY, entertainment and food. Cut it short, I reeeeeally love to make video, edit it and share it with people. :)

A blog

28 @Yue Rain

I blog about skincare products(Korean, Japanese, French, US etc) , food recipes and also about travels. I blog at


29 @JeanGallyot

Recommended by: @ayuejean

I love to write about personal experiences, mainly travel, dining and lifestyle events. I also love gadgets and tech reviews.

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30 @Princess Neverland

Food, Fashion and Beauty! I'm an avid photographer!


31 @Carolinelzt

Im a lifestyle blogger which blog whatever i want whenever I want. I am a gym freak, I lift weight and sport a lot. I also eat a lot like a lot. Im sns addicted, I update a lot on my personal FB and IG.

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32 @wendypua

~ I am a lifestyle Blogger ( based Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ~ Who knows how to really enjoy the moment telling it from a first hand experience and share it on this blog! ~ Love to discover new things, new cafes, new place around the world!

36yhvad7 normal

33 @ayueidris

Hi, I am Ayue. I'm Malaysian Blogger based at Selangor. I love to write about Beauty, Food, and Lifestyle. Since 2013, there are more than 450 entries in Ayue Idris’s site and currently, travel and tech have been added in my site niche also.

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34 @fadzirazak

I am a blogger at and also a vlogger at I write almost about everything that people can relate to.

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35 @jueliza

Im Mama Jue Blogger. Malaysian & Lifestyle Blogger - Food Review, Parenting, Event, Product Review, Influencer & Collaboration.

Img 8235

36 @zaira554

Worked as Engineer and currently staying in Penang. Lifestyle blogger who writes almost everything. Travel, entertainment, information, beauty, recipe, foods, lifestyle and etc.

P 20160401 165104 bf 1

37 @Fiqa

Mommy blogger who loves to write about event, review, beauty, lifestyle, parenting, healthy and others .

Me 2

38 @atiehilmi dot com

i'm writing from bottom of my heart make the post unique as the way it should be.. i blog about beauty / health / travelling / food / life experiences / parenting / fashion.. come and visit : ** smile **

Img 20160512 wa00232

39 @Kaklong

I'm a personal blogger. I share about daily life, hobby, DIY, health info, foods and recipe, reviewing products/service that I use and recommended to use.

20160808 144239

40 @aliafarhan

I'm from Penang. Love to blog about what i love, cooking, travel, beauty products, parenting and many more.

1467330 1147354298615086 5884641368297938107 n

41 @wonderqueentv

I'm a Youtuber and Blogger. Mainly focus in food, travel, beauty, fashion and more lifestyle topics! I can speak Chinese, English, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese and Korean. :)

Img 20160706 162841

42 @ayuejean

I am influencer from Started blogging from mid 2010. I'm covered lifestyle, beauty, travel and foodie! I've collaborate with few brands before such as Shizens, Zalora, Lazada, Ayden Averroes Travel, The Life.Co Phuket and many more.....

Img 4996

43 @Marsha82

I am mummy & blogger. Interested in travel,lifestyle, health & beauty blogger. Review product suit with my interest & niche. My details: Name: Nor Marshaliza binti Shaidan Url Blog: FB: Instagram :

Fb img 1466703444638

44 @Jessyying

Like to eat , travel , cook and discover the new things. I always share the info with my friends also :)

12424558 1510087439295323 890271754 a

45 @Imahtalks85

A mother and blogger @ My posting mostly is about beauty and parenting review. 2 times runner up in local SEO contest. Can contact me through email cityfatimah85[at]

13010846 10154121851626797 9097673000323334051 n

46 @Maple Shuh Hong

I like to scout for pretty things like Fashion, Make Up , Skin care. When I bored, I like to eat fancy food too! View my blog at

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47 @cikna136

Haii, i'm nice person blogger with multipurpose topics. If u need review can email me k...;-)

Photogrid 1478093086574

48 @busyratakiyudin

Hi! I blogged at I write about food, recipes, poem, tips, health, lifestyle, product reviews and advertorial.


49 @faizal_pj

I'm FaizalPJ Blogger. Malaysian Lifestyle Blogger and Parenting Blogger - Technology, Parenting, Family, Event, Product Review, Influencer & Food Review.

Picsart 09 19 08.08.50

50 @Aiin Baharom

A blogger who is highly skilled in creative writing in addition to having its own readers and followers . Interest in writing about food , beauty , fashion , gadgets and other parenting lifestyle

Fb img 1469113590925

51 @Venny Lee

Full time working mum with 2 kids. Always look for new thing to try out and spend time with family.


52 @Cekgunorazimah

I'm Cekgu Norazimah. Education & LIfestyle Blogger. Please visit here

13312822 1172762679410909 7770415737497105870 n

53 @Nadia Johari

I am a blogger, beautyblogger, fashion blogger and a parenting blogger. My details Blog:

Img 20160722 160437

54 @Shashikin

Saya Sharifah. Seorang Surirumah dan Part time blogger dan aktif di kawasan utara iaitu Kulim Kedah. Blog tentang personal,lifestyle,review,drama,craf, resepi dan juga tentang isu-isu semasa.

Dsc 0026 edit

55 @syamimisaad

fulltime blogger review blogger

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56 @cecedingding

Recommended by: @Princess Neverland

Blogging spice up my routine working life.

Img 20160813 123627

57 @mimi azirah

Mom to two little girls and a boy. Down to earth person and honest when doing my job. Write about beauty, parenting, lifestyle and personal story also.

Img 20160408 093749

58 @Pehggiez_Chu

I am lifestyle, food and beauty blogger. My Blog link is

Img 20140903 wa0013

59 @Husein Rider

a blogger, writter, review, traveler, food hunter,photographer, Check out my blog:

Img 20160416 wa0069

60 @iuzira

any event / product review / fashion/ any collaboration with your brand

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