WANTED Beauty & Health Care Bloggers to Use and Review Our brand new launch of Le Savon 100% Natural Handmade soap bars


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Greetings everyone!

I'm looking for Beauty & Health Care Bloggers to Use and Review Our brand new launch of Le Savon 100% Natural Handmade soap bars.

Please like and submit the following if you're interested:
(A) 'Like' & Share Le Savon FB page in your profile (Make sure is public)
(B) Comment below your Blog URL
(C) Social Profiles if relevant (For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)

10 Selected influencers will be required to Blog/Post at least 1 time
about our products within 12 days of receiving the products and email it to lesavon.thesoapcottage@gmail.com.

Find out more about Le Savon here: www.facebook.com/pg/thesoapcottage/about/

  • Created on:
  • Thursday, March 02, 2017
  • Country:
  • Malaysia
  • Closing Date:
  • Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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Recommended Influencers


1 @Bee Lee C

Based in Seremban, Subang and Klang. I love to record and share my experiences in regards to skincare products, services, food, travel, and games. Co-owns and manages e-commerce platform by day and blog during my free time (beeleechua91.blogspot.my) ^^

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2 @Jessiekoo

Recommended by: @LifeofWV

An influencer and blogger mummy of 2 who loves most of the thing under the sun. I blog about beauty, travelling, event, food and life experiences after motherhood. Holding a Mrs Malaysia Beauty Ambassador 2012 and other pageant title has given me an opportunity to share my thoughts and experience with others especially married women. Having a William Syndrome girl is another milestone of learning as personal sharing has take parenthood to a different level.

Img 2124

3 @Windzanity

Recommended by: @LifeofWV

An actor and a lifestyle Blogger who explore and write with true heart! Feel happy to do all regarding lifestyle, beauty, travel and food. BLOG | windzneom.blogspot.com INSTAGRAM | WINDZ : Pwincewindz FACEBOOK FANS PAGE | https://www.facebook.com/Windzanity/ Tweet "hi" to me at TWITTER | windzneom88

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4 @Joanne Cheah

A Malaysia Blogger || Beauty Care || Food || Life || Sharing || My Simple Lifestyle http://mysimplelifestylehere.blogspot.my/

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5 @Joysofyz

A Malaysian studying in Singapore. I blog about lifestyle, travel, food, beauty related posts. I can blog in both Chinese and English.

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6 @Fieza Sani

From Malaysia. Fulltime working & part time blogging. Love to blog about anything but my focus more on lifestyle, beauty. Need to promote your product/service, do contact me.

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7 @dayverampas

A beauty junkie who blogs at www.dayverampas.com with a major in accountancy, and social marketing who blogs about her experience while using products or services. A wife and mom who is trying to get herself as healthy as possible, and a postgraduate student who loves skincare a lot especially when it comes to Korean skincare products. She is a fan of Korean, Taiwanese, Philippines, and Japanese dramas.

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8 @betliew

I am Lifestyle blogger and easy to be approached for any events. I blog about food, skincare/beauty products, fashion, travel, events and gadget. Love to share my experience with my readers and friends.

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9 @cindyrina

PrincessCindyrina is a Malaysia base blogger. She share her travel experience in her blog. She can't be travelling all the time.She needs to work and earn for living too.Days when not travelling she will writes on products mainly beauty and skin care related, sometimes gadget, food which she try not too because she is currently overweight and service review. She ain't angel. She rants occasionally.She is online shopaholic.


10 @Cekgunorazimah

I'm Cekgu Norazimah. Education & LIfestyle Blogger. Please visit here www.cekgunorazimah.com

13626955 10154506910241844 6224898914406626313 n

11 @charlenewongsy

Recommended by: @LifeofWV

www.charlenewsy.com Charlene Wong S Y Graphic Designer / Writer / Blogger Charlenewsy.com is all about travel, fashion, beauty, food & lifestyle : )

Fb img 1466703444638

12 @Jessyying

Like to eat , travel , cook and discover the new things. I always share the info with my friends also :)

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13 @Lunabellarina

Recommended by: @dayverampas

I'm Lunabellarina & I'm a Beauty & Creative Lifestyle Blogger from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


14 @nadratulsyazwana

A blogger who talks about lifestyle, food, beauty and travel 💕 Im 22, a full time student and part time blogger. Has been blogging since 2010 and Im addicted to it 😂

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15 @Aiin Baharom

A blogger who is highly skilled in creative writing in addition to having its own readers and followers . Interest in writing about food , beauty , fashion , gadgets and other parenting lifestyle

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16 @Fiqa

Mommy blogger who loves to write about event, review, beauty, lifestyle, parenting, healthy and others .

2015 12 05 23.21.00

17 @jueliza

Im Mama Jue Blogger. Malaysian & Lifestyle Blogger - Food Review, Parenting, Event, Product Review, Influencer & Collaboration.

Fb img 1469113590925

18 @Venny Lee

Full time working mum with 2 kids. Always look for new thing to try out and spend time with family.

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