Wanted: Beauty Bloggers to Use and Review The Plant Base Products


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Looking for talented Influencers that are interested to review Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water & Nature Solution Skin Essence from The Plant Base. 

Selected bloggers will obtain the following for free: 
(A) Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water (150ML) - Worth RM109
(B) Nature Solution Skin Essence (40ML) - Worth RM129
(C) Each blogger will also receive 10% discount codes that can be distributed to your audience. 

Please submit the following if you're interested: 
(A) Blog URL
(B) Social Profiles if relevant (For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) 

selected influencers will be required to Blog/Post at least 1 time
about our products within 12 days of receiving the products and email it
to _______ for records.

Find out more about The Plant Base here:
in 2005 as the most famous natural soap brand, THE PLANT BASE has been
manufacturing 100% handmade natural soaps and entered skin care business
because of continuous consumer demand. Since the beginning, THE PLANT
BASE insists only hypoallergenic and high-performance products
formulated with only natural plants and certified organic
ingredients.With 8 different ranges and 45 skin care products, THE PLANT
BASE is exporting over 10 countries and 100 global stores including

  • Created on:
  • Thursday, January 12, 2017
  • Country:
  • Malaysia
  • Closing Date:
  • Thursday, January 26, 2017

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A blogger that loves food, travelling, cats and is very into outdoor activities.

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2 @Linda

I am a mommy blogger with 2 kids. My blog is at www.yeelinda.blogspot.my. I love to attend blogger events and bring my children to learn new things. My daughter's blog is at www.mel-happy-blog.blogspot.my

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Hi, Im Sara, a video game-playing, cat-hoarding, beauty addict. I am also a petite fashion lover who dreams of venturing into the fashion industry one day. Blogs about fashion, travel, beauty, food, & life.

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Lifestyle, beauty, reviews and almost a daily record of my life at www.rikajue.com

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6 @betliew

I am Lifestyle blogger and easy to be approached for any events.

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7 @leeyann

Recommended by: @RikaJue

A little nightingale that love to forward beauty and healthy lifestyle. As of it, 'missy forward beauty' is created by Lee Yann.

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8 @ctnurazwan

www.ctnurazwan.com is a personal blog written in English language by an enthusiastic part-timer blogger SITI NURAZWAN, brings you information on travel, lifestyle, music and entertainment, recollection of personal thoughts, reviews and event.

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9 @aiyeekoo17

Recommended by: @Jessiekoo

Mummy blogger who enjoy food and parenting journey

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10 @Jessiekoo

An influencer and blogger mummy of 2 who loves most of the thing under the sun. I blog about beauty, travelling, event, food and life experiences after motherhood. Holding a Mrs Malaysia Beauty Ambassador 2012 and other pageant title has given me an opportunity to share my thoughts and experience with others especially married women. Having a William Syndrome girl is another milestone of learning as personal sharing has take parenthood to a different level.

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11 @dayverampas

A beauty junkie who blogs at www.dayverampas.com with a major in accountancy, and social marketing who blogs about her experience while using products or services. A wife and mom who is trying to get herself as healthy as possible, and a postgraduate student who loves skincare a lot especially when it comes to Korean skincare products. She is a fan of Korean, Taiwanese, Philippines, and Japanese dramas.


12 @carerynn

A petite blogger who is passionate about all things beauty, fashion, travel, food & generally about living a healthy & happy lifestyle. Beauty, fashion & shopping addict!

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13 @tiffanylee

Hi everyone! I am a lifestyle, beauty and food blogger and I blogged at www.tiffany-leee.blogspot.com

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14 @ayunirafilah

Hi, my name is Ayuni Rafilah and I am a blogger based in KL. My blog reviews focus mostly on beauty & wellness, halal food, Muslimah fashion, online services, electronic gadgets and casual travel. I live with 8 cats and a huge fridge.

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15 @Joanne Cheah

A Malaysia Blogger || Beauty Care || Food || Life || Sharing || My Simple Lifestyle http://mysimplelifestylehere.blogspot.my/

A blog

16 @Yue Rain

I am Asian blogger blogs about beauty products and also food.

Sam 3566

17 @minniechang

I'm Minnie from Malaysia and currently write on www.minniechang.com. I strive to portray positive vibes through my blog discussing about topics that interest me: travel, food and fashion.

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18 @Lwin Lee

Blogger-cum-freelance writer who expresses the world cognitively through writing in a wide genre of F.A.T.E (Food • Art • Travel • Events). Also an avid advocate of living life to the fullest with sheer optimism and influencing surrounding people with positive vibes.


19 @Carolinelzt

Im a lifestyle blogger which blog whatever i want whenever I want. I am a gym freak, I lift weight and sport a lot. I also eat a lot like a lot. Im sns addicted, I update a lot on my personal FB and IG.

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20 @cindyrina

Recommended by: @RikaJue

PrincessCindyrina is a Malaysia base blogger. She share her travel experience in her blog. She can't be travelling all the time.She needs to work and earn for living too.Days when not travelling she will writes on products mainly beauty and skin care related, sometimes gadget, food which she try not too because she is currently overweight and service review. She ain't angel. She rants occasionally.She is online shopaholic.


21 @tengkubutang

im blogger from Perak.. my blog name is Sharing My Ceritera.. my blog is about personal life.. lifestyle , recipe, tips and all about my life.. i also do a review product..


22 @cre8tone

I'm Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Parenting, Kids, Beauty Art blogger...

Img 2124

23 @Windzanity

An actor and a lifestyle Blogger who explore and write with true heart! Feel happy to do all regarding lifestyle, beauty, travel and food. BLOG | windzneom.blogspot.com INSTAGRAM | WINDZ : Pwincewindz FACEBOOK FANS PAGE | https://www.facebook.com/Windzanity/ Tweet "hi" to me at TWITTER | windzneom88

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24 @Princess Neverland

Food, Fashion and Beauty! I'm an avid photographer!


25 @nanyadifah

I used to be a Geoscientist and now a Homemaker. A supermom to three children and love everything about parenting, lifestyle and beauty. From education, art and craft, cooking, baking, sewing and photography.

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26 @Joysofyz

Lifestyle blogger from KL currently studying in Singapore. Readers mostly from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. IG: instagram.com/joysofyz Blog: http://joysofyz.blogspot.sg

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27 @BudakVanilla

a blogger who write to express something. love photography and sharing about personal and lifestyle in blog. blogged in malay and english. love to share everything that will brings positive vibes. owner of budaksukavanilla.blogspot.com :3

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28 @fishmeatdie

Recommended by: @tiffanylee

Find me at http://fishmeatdie.blogspot.com/! My name is Eros and I blog about skincare, lifestyle, events, K-pop and my daily life! Currently based in Malaysia, I enjoy café hopping, photography and marinating myself in a million skincare products. I also believe that the beauty game is for everyone!

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29 @Joycesialni

I'm a Part Time Lifestyle Blogger who covering beauty, fashion, entertainment, parenting & etc events..

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30 @zaira554

Worked as Engineer and currently staying in Penang. Lifestyle blogger who writes almost everything. Travel, entertainment, information, beauty, recipe, foods, lifestyle and etc.

6 %282%29

31 @Lunabellarina

Recommended by: @dayverampas

I'm Lunabellarina & I'm a Beauty & Creative Lifestyle Blogger from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I'm an advocate of natural skincare & spend my free time doing handmade jewelries, cosplaying, reviewing beauty products & cafe hopping around KK.


32 @Shad

Hi, I'm Shad. 25 years old. I'm from Jitra Kedah, Malaysia. I'm passionate at beauty, travel, books, KDrama and Graphic Design. And I do love shopping. Love to review thing I passionate at and I want to share all the things I love to you!

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33 @busyratakiyudin

Hi! I blogged at www.busyratakiyudin.com. I write about food, recipes, poem, tips, health, lifestyle, product reviews and advertorial.

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34 @Imahtalks85

A mother and blogger @ www.imahtalks.com My posting mostly is about beauty and parenting review. 2 times runner up in local SEO contest. Can contact me through email cityfatimah85[at]yahoo.com

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35 @Suzlin

I'm Suzlin. Lifestyle and Parenting blogger. From JB. Work at home mom. Ibu to lovely Baby Adam, Baby Iman and Baby Fateh. #Lifestyle #Parenting #Beauty #Health #Travel

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36 @ayuejean

I am influencer from www.ayuejean.com. Started blogging from mid 2010. I'm cover lifestyle, beauty, food and travel.

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37 @lichuen

Lifestyle blogger who mainly covers beauty, food & fashion. Blog: www.strings-of-memories.blogspot.com Instagram: @lichuen

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38 @lokmanamirul

Lifestyle blogger, blogger Malaysia, isu panas, news, tips, tutorial blogging dan seo, blog informasi, resepi makanan and many more.

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39 @Wawa Ashihara

I am Wawa and live from Johor Bahru. I am Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger. And I do review about food, beauty, health and product review.

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40 @cecedingding

Recommended by: @Princess Neverland

Blogging spice up my routine working life.

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41 @Shashikin

Saya Sharifah. Seorang Surirumah dan Part time blogger dan aktif di kawasan utara iaitu Kulim Kedah. Blog tentang personal,lifestyle,review,drama,craf, resepi dan juga tentang isu-isu semasa.

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42 @Fieza Sani

From Malaysia. Fulltime working & part time blogging. Love to blog about anything but my focus more on lifestyle, beauty. Need to promote your product/service, do contact me.

Img 20160802 230617

43 @yanayani

I am a mother of two. A part time blogger. I normally write about personal, parenting & lifestyle.

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44 @charlenewongsy

www.charlenewsy.com Charlene Wong S Y Graphic Designer / Writer / Blogger Charlenewsy.com is all about travel, fashion, beauty, food & lifestyle : )

Photo 2016 04 15 07 47 05

45 @sitirohaida

Owner at blog kisahsidairy.com Mother of two sweeties.Love to blog about personal,lifestyle,product review and collaboration and also advertorial


46 @Cekgunorazimah

I'm Cekgu Norazimah. Education & LIfestyle Blogger. Please visit here www.cekgunorazimah.com

Me 2

47 @atiehilmi dot com

i'm writing from bottom of my heart make the post unique as the way it should be.. i blog about beauty / health / travelling / food / life experiences / parenting / fashion.. come and visit : www.atiehilmi.com.. ** smile **


48 @Amy Syeera

I am a lifestyle and entertainment blogger. I am a total foodie, a movie enthusiast and a traveler. I love to review new products and services.

P 20160401 165104 bf 1

49 @Fiqa

Mommy blogger who loves to write about event, review, beauty, lifestyle, parenting, healthy and others .

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50 @Aiin Baharom

A blogger who is highly skilled in creative writing in addition to having its own readers and followers . Interest in writing about food , beauty , fashion , gadgets and other parenting lifestyle

Img 20160813 123627

51 @mimi azirah

Mom to two little girls and a boy. Down to earth person and honest when doing my job. Write about beauty, parenting, lifestyle and personal story also.

10547359 770890606302005 2087352335 a

52 @yati292

Saya HAYATI. Part time blogger dan aktif di kawasan utara iaitu, kedah, penang, perlis & perak utara. Blog tentang lifestyle, vacation, resepi dan juga tentang isu-isu semasa. Boleh di katakan apa saja yang terlintas di fikiran...

2015 12 05 23.21.00

53 @jueliza

Im Mama Jue Blogger. Malaysian & Lifestyle Blogger - Food Review, Parenting, Event, Product Review, Influencer & Collaboration.

Img 20160126 081722

54 @Eirna Nurasikin

Lifestyle,Food and Travel Blogger

Img 20160415 184629

55 @Mia Kassim

A mommy blogger who loves photography, foods and travelling.

Img 20160408 093749

56 @Pehggiez_Chu

I am lifestyle, food and beauty blogger. My Blog link is Dxiaodiao.blogspot.com

Fb img 1469113590925

57 @Venny Lee

Full time working mum with 2 kids. Always look for new thing to try out and spend time with family.

Img 20160228 wa0019

58 @LyaImtiyaz

I'm Lya..Writer at akifimtiyaz.com ... Sharing About Personal,Lifestyle & Parenting.

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