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Fitness, food and lifestyle influencer. Hi, my name is Sara! A content marketer by working hours, a fitness addict every other hour. I specialise in fitness + food because I believe that the cure to everything is either sweat or stretches. Other related interests: writing and feeling those muscles burn.



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A health, fitness, and lifestyle event looking for online influencers

Posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2016 | By @richard moh

Here's one not to be missed and you are in the run to be part of the influencer invite to MURFEST!

The 3rd annual MURFEST ...


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US$ 10.0

Usage of my social media accounts: Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat is a social media platform that is underutilised in Malaysia; I have a decent following from global, as well as local, fans. I am open to Instagram postings, as well as Instagram Story and Snapchat curation services.

Days to deliver: 7